Friday, March 8, 2013

American Idol 12: Top 20 Results Show

Ok. So, today is the day when American Idol whittles down it's semifinalists from 20 to Top 10 - and possible wildcards. I'll sort of update this post from time to time, but again, read at your own risk. I'm not spoiling anyone!

Top 10 Girls Review
Top 10 Boys Review

NEXT WEEK'S THEME: American Idol Winners Catalog


TOP 10

Paul Jolley
This is exactly why Keith Urban asked him what kind of artist he really wants to be! Oh, I forgot that he wants to be a guy version of Taylor Swift, but then sings Heart? Paul is a decent singer and yes, he was able to hit those high notes, but his voice on that chorus was jarring. 5/10

Burnell Taylor 
Ready For Love
Not as good as Joshua Ledet or even Michael Lynche's version - maybe because of the vocal choices he did - but I loved the way he deliberately made his cadence a bit slow than usual. Actually, his voice slightly reminds me of Franck Ocean. 7/10

Curtis Finch Jr 
So High
Damn it, America! What did you do? Haha. I don't know how long I can handle him being in the competition, but his constipated look when he sings irks me! Plus, he's not in any way even remotely likable. Yes, Curtis a good technical singer, but when he tries to overcompensate - like this performance - he tends to be WAY off. That falsetto was horrible. Sorry, but he's such a wasted spot in the Final 10. 4/10

Devin Velez 
The Power Of One
He sounded really good on this. Not exactly familiar with the song, but this his smooth voice complemented the tempo of the song. I wish he would perform songs like this in the next coming weeks because he just proved that he can actually do more than just boring ballads. Oh, and Nicki, "Spanish has never been done on American Idol before". Haha. Karen Rodriguez and Jorge Nunez who? 7.5/10 

Lazaro Arbos 
Bridge Over Troubled Water
Again, Lazaro seems to be a sweet guy, but I'm getting sick of his mediocrity. His tone was gorgeous on this song, but this was some serious karaoke performance. Ugh. 5.5/10

Janelle Arthur 
To be honest, I wouldn't mind if she got cut based on her two previous performances, but this was actually better than expected. I really enjoyed this more upbeat and drum-driven song for her voice. She may still be a bit bland, but I digress. 7/10

Candace Glover 
I'm Going Down
Why hasn't Randy apologized for cutting her last year? Haha. This was sensational! That. Is. All. 9.5/10

Angela Miller 
I Was Here
Her inclusion in this year's Top 10 was so obvious, it's almost painful. Haha. While I'd argue that this was NOT a good performance from Angela - her lower register was off for the most part - she's obviously a emotional so I'd probably give her a pass. I'm worried though if she just sings better when she is sitting on the piano than standing around. 7/10

Amber Holcomb 
I'm Every Woman
Yes, she gets a nod for singing something upbeat, but another overdone song? Really? Her vocals were uneven - maybe because of the sound mix - but this was still pretty solid. 7/10

Kree Harrison 
Well, Kree ROCKED IT! This was surprisingly better than her previous performance and I actually found this kind of fierce. Oh, and sure she's country, but she has this crossover quality that I think could be very interesting. Great. 9/10

Wow. So no wildcard? There's a twist though. There will be a sing-off next week between the two highest vote-getters that didn't make the Top 10. BUT the winner will get a spot in the tour and not in the finals. Haha. It sounds dumb, but whatever.


Anonymous said...

OMGOD DAM!!! YOU GOT IT ALL RIGHT (from ur previous post) HAHAHA Kudos!

But still hate the fact that Curtis Finch is there!

DAM said...

I know! HAHA. But yeah. I'd rather have Elijah or Nick or Cortez than Curtis and his face and his ego. LOL

Shawn Jang said...

Lazaro -____-

Anonymous said...

Yeah LAZARO! -.- DAM THAT ENTRANCE AND THE CROWD GOES WILD. I think he's the frontrunner.

SO PROUD OF THE GIRLS. they all deserve it. Especially Amber, with that small amount of airtime and manages it to Top 10, damn girl you are Jessica Sanchez of this season! haha

Anonymous said...

Love your predictions because they indeed came true!

By the way, Amber sang I'm Every Woman, it's a Chaka Khan song right?

Anonymous said...

i dont know why but im not that excited with these group than with the previous two seasons.. maybe because of the fact that only 10 people made it to the finals.. but it is just me.. :)

X said...

Happy that Angela and Kree made it. So sad that I don't give half a crap about any of the other contestants. I either don't care about them, or I don't like them at all (Curtis and Burnell come to mind here).

Even though I said Angela and Kree, Angela is the only one I really love out of the two.

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