Wednesday, March 27, 2013

The Voice 4: Blind Auditions Part 2

This was one pretty entertaining episode. I thought the talent was so much better than last night and the lack of sob stories were a big improvement. Oh, and Shakira cracked me up. She's a hoot, I tell you! Haha.

That said, I think Adam Levine is building a stronger group compared to the other mentors. This may be a good thing for him, but if he stubbornly put these solid contestants against each other in the Battle Rounds, meltdown will be inevitable. Haha.

So, how did the contestants do?

Tawnya Reynolds
Mama Don't Let Your Babies Grow Up To Be Cowboys
Whoa. Tawnya's REALLY country! Not sure if her kind of country fits the current trend in that genre now and I'm not particularly interested with her vintage vibe, but I must admit that she has a strong vocal chops. Her country accent was too thick though and while it's not necessarily a bad thing, it's not for everyone. 5/10

Josiah Hawley
Sunday Morning
This guy is the death sentence for American Idol. Haha. Give Josiah a guitar and he'd be ridiculously unstoppable. He has a solid voice with some interesting vocal choices, his transitions were seamless and he sure did bring the pretty no? Maybe he's the Dez Duron of this season and that's not a bad thing.7.5/10

Midas White
Folsom Prison Blues
Yes, that's Jon Peter Lewis from American Idol Season 3. The years have not been kind to him no? To be honest, I  did like the dry humor, the goofiness and I thought their harmonies were legit, but I have a funny feeling that they're going to annoy me to no end. I can feel it already. I hope they keep the whack to a minimum though if they want to make a serious run on the show. 6.5/10

No Me Doy Por Vencido
I admit, I didn't understand a single word in her song but there's something pretty compelling about her delivery of the song. As far as I know, she sounded good for the most part and she's very charming. 7/10

Sarah Simmons
One Of Us
WOW. Judith Hill who? Haha. This was fantastically awesome. I love the rasp in her voice, she has an amazing control and her vocal dynamics were top notch. She did some twists and turns with the song that was unexpected, but worked perfectly well. Possibly one of my favorite blind auditions ever. 9/10


Anonymous said...

I am loving the new judges. Like SO much. The four of them together are just perfect. Individually they're pretty amazing as well lol

Anonymous said...

Agree 100%. Judith Hill is overrated. CHAR HATER HAHAHHA JK

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