Saturday, June 8, 2013

Movie Review: The Hangover Part III

You know that one self-destructive joke you tell at every gathering you attend to? It was hilarious the first time, so you kept on repeating the joke over and over again until it eventually loses its charm. Yes, The Hangover Part III was THAT dreaded joke. The original Hangover, at that time, was a refreshing film with an absolutely hysterical premise and a great cast with some pretty solid writing behind them. The second installment was an irritating carbon copy of the original, and while this one tried to be different, it still didn't stand out as a great comedy. The plot was insipid, the humor was lacking, and the idea to focus on the annoying Mr. Chow did nothing but point out how dead this franchise had become. The Hangover was probably one of the most unnecessary film trilogies in recent memory and how I wish they stopped at Part I. 5


Dan O. said...

Great review. The movie doesn’t even seem like it’s trying, so therefore, I didn’t either.

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