Sunday, June 30, 2013

Movie Review: The Heat

I never thought much of this movie prior to viewing it, but this was actually a pleasant surprise. Yes, The Heat was yet another cop movie pairing ill-matching personalities who learn to buddy up and beat bad guys together, but somehow, the odd pairing dynamics of Sandra Bullock and Melissa McCarthy, which threw most of the humor, was too palpable that it actually overshadowed its tired plot point of the movie. They just made a pretty hysterical comic duo. The script was neatly written, the direction was good, and the pacing was just about right. It started a bit slow and there were moments where I felt like it lost steam, but that's just some minor quibbles. The Heat will never be an eternal comedic classic, but it was a mindlessly fun popcorn flick filled to the brim with laughs and some reckless action sequences. 7.5


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