Friday, June 14, 2013

Movie Review: Man of Steel

Was it wrong for me to expect too much from Man of Steel given the cast and director? As a single movie for a bit of Hollywood entertainment, yes, this was perfectly watchable. I thought Henry Cavill was a good fit for the title role as he was both charming and intense and Zach Snyder's visual flare somehow worked for this reboot. The visuals, as expected, were spectacular and highly extravagant, almost to a fault. The action sequences went too over the top that it felt like one heavy-handed, mind-numbing explosion extravaganza. It became repetitive and tedious that it began to lose impact after a while. The pacing was also problematic as the random flashbacks made the movie seemed disjointed in parts. Oh, and the movie was humorless with very little joy behind it. Man of Steel was fine. I didn't hate it, but I felt empty after watching it. 5


Anonymous said...

I disagree.haha.Man of Steel should score an 8.5 or a 9 out of 10. :D

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