Tuesday, June 18, 2013

The Voice 4: Finale

At times like today, I was hoping Adam and Shakira had people in the Finale as I just couldn't take the Blake overload. There was just too much of him and it wasn't even funny. If nothing else, I've developed a deeper appreciation for Usher as an artist and a person from this show though. Usher's connection with Michelle was very genuine and I hope he'd have her right after the show.

Without further ado, let's see how everyone else did for the last time this season! Shall we?

09. Danielle Bradbery
Timber, I'm Falling In Love (with Blake Shelton)
Watching a grown man and a little girl sing this to each other was just so awkward. Haha. Yes, Danielle sounded pretty, but again, she's just very passionless as if she's not even thinking about the lyrics of what she's singing. This was just terribly underwhelming from her dead eyes to her monotonous delivery and that odd song choice. Why Blake? 4.5

08. The Swon Brothers
Celebrity (with Blake Shelton)
I didn't get this. In my eyes, only Brad Paisley can pull a tongue-in-cheek song and not sound silly. He can get away with it because they're a lot of fun when he does them, and he's known for being playful on stage. The Swon Brothers (and Blake Shelton) just didn't have that kind of vibe. It felt like it's more of a self indulgent song than anything else. 5

07. The Swon Brothers
Danny's Song
This is why I'm not too big on reprises - especially if they performed it just last week! You see, I LOVED their performance of Danny's Song last week, but reprising it a week after seemed lazy and strange. The comparison would be inevitable considering the lack of fresh arrangement to the song and sadly, I didn't think they performed it better than last week. Zach Colton even flubbed a lyric or two. Why not perform Who's Gonna Fill Their Shoes instead? 5.5

06. Danielle Bradbery
Maybe It Was Memphis
On a lazy, rainy evening like tonight, Danielle Bradbery's voice is music to my ears. She sounded gorgeous, but as consistent as her perfect tone for this song, she needs to learn how to work the stage and audience. I mean, I've seen zombies with more life in them than Danielle's performance. I don't know. She has a great voice, but her performances are dull and lack any type of connection. 6.5

05. Michelle Chamuel
I Knew You Were Trouble
No, she didn't change the tempo or the arrangement of the song, but what she worked on this time was hitting the notes perfectly. Her lower register sounded more on point this time and she was less frantic as compared to her first attempt to this Taylor Swift ditty. I loved her energy and the way she stalked the stage before she went full on with the bridge was pretty awesome. 7.5

04. The Swon Brothers
I Can't Tell You Why
The Swon Brothers know how to pick the right songs for them and that, I believe, kept them on the show. Sure, their version of I Can't Tell You Why wasn't a vocal masterclass type of performance, but this was still pretty solid. Zach's voice was stellar on the lower register, and while he didn't quite nail most of the falsetto bits, I actually didn't mind. It was smooth yet strong enough to make a case for themselves. 7.5

03. Danielle Bradbery
Born To Fly
Wasn't this supposed to be more energetic? Move Danielle. Move! Go somewhere. Oh, this was already the energetic Danielle? Haha. So much for "up tempo". Ok. She doesn't have the gravitas, due to age, to transcend the emotion this performance requires, but somehow this made me understand why she's probably the most marketable contestant left on the show. Her voice, as usual, was fantastic and there's something old school about her tone that's timeless. Yes, she pretty much "slowed down" something that should be more fun, but I can't fault her for having potential. 7.5

02. Michelle Chamuel
One (with Usher)
FABULOUS. The energy, the connection, the chemistry, the harmonies, and the talent of both Michelle and Usher is unparalleled by any other teams on this show and this pairing had to be my favorite of all four seasons. Enough said. 9

01. Michelle Chamuel
Oh my goodness. Michelle tackled the most difficult song of the night and yet pulled it off wonderfully. Freaky mirror shot notwithstanding, this was probably one of the most stirring performances of this season. She took every emotion of that song and gave it to us freely with no expectations. FANTASTIC!

Who SHOULD win?
Michelle Chamuel

Who WILL win?
Danielle Bradbery


Anonymous said...

I agree but I'm still hoping that Michelle WILL WIN The Voice!!!Although I like Danielle, we already had enough of country artist and its not time for an urban artist to win the show. #TeamUsher

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