Sunday, August 4, 2013

Idol News: Keith Urban is back as an American Idol Judge

This maybe old news, but I'm posting it anyway. Keith Urban will be returning for Season 13 on American Idol.

Keith Urban himself tweeted,
Thrilled to be back on with my pal and dying to know who the other judges will be!!!! -KU
Fox president, Kevin Reilly, also confirmed the news at last week's Television Critics Association tour in Beverly Hills. Oh, and he also mentioned that they are considering a Jennifer Lopez comeback although not a done deal yet. The other name in the mix, the Will.I.Am! Ugh.

While I wasn't completely impressed with Keith Urban last season, he made me tolerate the panel a bit more. I enjoyed how he sang along with nearly every song and he seemed like he was enjoying his job. I also thought that he did an amazing job of navigating the minefield American Idol was last season with Nicki Minaj and Mariah Carey.

Yes, as the season rolled, his comments and feedback became more dodgy and lazy and he seemed to be echoing the producer's desires more than offering constructive feedback for improvement, but I'm willing to give him another chance given the toxic panel with the two divas and I have a feeling that his wit would have really come out more in a much more easy going, fun, and less "competitive" situation.

As for Jennifer Lopez and Will.I.Ain't, umm, NO. I thought the idea of "encouraging" Randy Jackson to leave was to reboot the show with a clean slate, and the best way to do that is to bring back Jennifer Lopez? She's the epitome of being there just to boost her career! Also, Will.I.Am was awful in The Voice UK!

Sigh. Nothing but retreads that weren't so great the first time, but maybe this is their way to make it all about the contestants! Keep the judging a snoozefest!


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