Wednesday, August 28, 2013

X Factor Australia 5: Top 12

X Factor Australia started airing it's live shows and I thought to myself, why not? Let's see if I can keep up reviewing this show. Haha. I think this group isn't as exciting as last year's, but I can see potentially good artists.

No, I will not review them as detailed as I do with American Idol, The Voice or The X Factor US, but I'll probably give a short commentary on each performances.

Without futher ado, let's get to the rankings!

12. Adira/Bella
Run The World (Girls)
Such a mess! 3

11. Ellie Lovegrove
She sounded fine for the most part, but this was a total snoozefest. 4

10. Barry Southgate
When I Get You Alone
This was a terrific song choice, but he got drowned out by the band and he obviously needs to work on their breathing. 5

09. Omar Dean
He was behind the beat at the beginning and he lacked some strong presence to pull off this Usher song. 5.5

08. Jai Waetford
Fix You
He seems like a sweet kid, but I just couldn't take him seriously. Do we really need another Justin Bieber? His transitions were solid, but there's not much enough power into it. 6

07. JTR
Everything Has Changed
What was up with this rushed arrangement? Their harmonies were surprisingly good, but I can't shake off Emblem3 sans the rapping whenever I watch them perform. 6.5

06. Joelle
Sweet Nothing
Madonna and Fergie lovechild! Haha. I like her raspy tone and it somehow worked well with the song. I'm slightly intrigued of whatelse she could offer. 6.5

05. Jiordan Tolli
I'm actually in love with her almost lilting tone, but the annoying staging was too distracting to take the singing seriously. 6.5

04. Cat Vas
Addicted To Love
Minus the shaky start, her voice soared towards the middle section of the performance and she had some solid stage presence. 7

03. Third D3gree
If not for the weak vocals from the guy member, this would've been pretty fantastic. The rapper was sensational and the other girl gave the vocals an interesting layer to the dynamics. 7.5

02. Taylor Henderson
I Won't Let You Go
While he needs to work on his superfluous vibrato, his voice sounded fantastic on this James Morrison ditty. 8

01. Dami Im
SO GOOD! Unique staging. Outstanding build up. Great intensity. Pristine vocals. 9


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