Wednesday, August 28, 2013

MTV Video Music Awards 2013: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

MTV Video Music Awards! The only show that gives us two thousand close up shots of Taylor Swifts face through out the show. Haha. Of course, this show is mainstream and I'm not even afraid to admit it. It's highly entertaining with a couple of meltdowns and some performances that were too over the top, I wanted to punch their faces. Total guilty pleasure.

So, here let's take a look back at the performances!

Lady Gaga
Lady Gaga can be too much to handle at times with all the ridiculousness, but she sings LIVE and puts on a pretty entertaining show. I admit, I wasn't a fan of the song prior to this performance, but she won me over and this was probably one of the few good numbers of the night. CLAP

Miley Cyrus
We Can't Stop
Not going to lie, I'm in love with We Can't Stop, but somehow I was seriously hoping that she would. Haha. I'm all for pushing boundaries and I'm totally fine if Miley wants to be sexy and edgy, but slutty behavior made her look desperate just for the sake of shock value. This seemed more like an SNL parody.  GARBAGE

Robin Thicke
Blurred Lines / Give It 2 U
Blurred Lines is a total earworm to me, but Miley Cyrus' voice and the image of her gyrating on stage ruined the moment for me. Give It 2 U was cool, but nothing special. EH

Kanye West
Blood On The Leaves
The auto-tuned performance of Kanye was a little underwhelming for my taste. Oh, and was that a string of censored lyrics or just some technical sound problems? Haha. HUH?

Justin Timberlake
Hits Medley
Justin Timberlake, your passion, talent, presence and incredibly impressive endurance were greatly appreciated, but limit your performance to less than 10 minutes. Ok? TOO LONG

Girlfriend / Bye Bye Bye
Depends if you count the part where they descended back out of the stage, this less than 50 seconds performance was a bit disappointing - to think Justin had a whole 15 minutes to spare. Nonetheless, it was nice to see them back together despite not being in sync. Haha. TOO SHORT

Macklemore & Ryan Lewis with Mary Miranda and Jennifer Hudson
Same Love
POWERFUL. Enough said. NICE

Hold On, We're Going Home / Started From The Bottom
There's no doubt that Drake is a very talented man, but I got bored with this. ZZZ

Bruno Mars
This man is one of the few most outstanding artists to come out of the music industry lately. Aside from the fact that this was a visual spectacle with all the lasers and whatnot, his vocals were fantastic! Show them how to sing live, Bruno! AWESOME!

Katy Perry
Wait, what? This was how they closed the show? Can we have Bruno Mars back? RAWR


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