Friday, January 9, 2015

American Idol 14: Nashville/Kansas Auditions

I seriously don't understand why American Idol decided to open the season with a one hour episode that was fairly mediocre, when they have this episode to brag about. I. MEAN. I really thought that tonight had a great group of singers. There was a shockingly diverse set of interesting styles and, frankly, I saw several people that I'm very interested in following - so the episode was a win for me.

Oh, and I still can't get enough of the judges too! They were hysterical and I just realized now how much I missed them.

On with the show!

Andrew Annello
Signed, Sealed, Delivered
His voice? Nice, but incredibly unremarkable. His personality? Grating and annoying. That is all. 5

Loren Lott
There's a quality to her voice that's very polarizing, but her energy was infectious and there's a clarity to her tone that I really like. Plus, she could seriously pass as a legitimate popstar. 6.5

Trevor Douglas
I wasn't so sure what to expect from him, but by the time he opened his mouth, it was a pleasant surprise. His vocal control was good, he looked like he was having fun, and I was fairly impressed. He was a bit frenetic, but I digress. 7

Piper Jones
Mama Knows Best
Vocally, she was very strong and the control over her voice was impeccable. She got pipes, so why did she get less screentime? 7

Kelly Kime
Sunday Morning
It was a nuanced and her phrasing was lovely, but I'd probably forget all about her if not for her kid who sounded so much better than Idina on New Year's eve. Ha. 6

Garrett Miles
Proud Mary
He was very good. I'm not particularly sure of his chances come Hollywood week, but the ease to his delivery and innate musicality was impressive. Did you hear him sing Como La Flor? Very nice. 7

Clark Beckham
It's A Man's Man's Man's World
Despite his overdone song choice, Clark sounded awesome. I must say, he would be a serious threat if he gets to the voting round. He has a lovely bluesy sound, he looks good, and basically, a prototype of what the usual audience of this show is going to show up and vote for in large numbers. 7.5

Gina Venier
Put The Gun Down
The cahone gave her audition a cool acoustic vibe, and her voice had a lovely warmth to it. I'm not sure though how diverse she is as a performer though. We'll see. 6

Alex Shier
I See Fire
Uh oh. Very good looking, no? There's a grit to his voice that's compelling and his vocal choices were awesome. If he works on his charm, this is game over. 7

Cody Fry
Over The Rainbow
The falsetto was solid, his voice sounded good, but I somehow didn't like how he embellished the song so much that I lost him in the process. It was a simple song and he should've stuck with the melody. 6.5

Hector Montenegro
Too Close
He can seriously sing and the tone was nice, but I just don't really care about him. Is that bad? 6

Sarina-Joi Crowe
Love Runs Out
First note and she's already better than half of the girls from last season! Why did they even cut her then? She's a brilliant vocalist, and this was a fantastic audition. 8

Savion Wright
Change The World
I hated the fact that he didn't make it last year, but one year did wonders for him. Savion looked and sounded better this year. His tone was beautiful, the liberties he took with the song were spot on, and his musicality was as impressive as before. Possible contender. 8.5

Zach Kaltenbach
Look, Zach's not a bad singer, but it seems to me that he's lacking any real greatness. I maybe wrong though. 5

Naomi Tatusuka
Someone Like You
Way too theatrical. Next! 5.5

Buy You A Drink
Very interesting. I don't think there's something special with his voice, but he's current and I'm interested to hear more from him. 6

Lovey James
Break Free
She may not be the best vocalist in the bunch, but there's something about Lovey that's quite interesting. If she plays her card right in the competition, she can be the winner American Idol needs at this juncture. Someone with a legitimate chance to be a breakout popstar. 7

Jess Lamb
Ain't It Sunshine
Her version was a little overwrought, but she's interesting, and that's probably all I can say about her. 7


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