Thursday, January 8, 2015

American Idol 14: Nashville Auditions

.. AND IT HAS BEGUN.. AGAIN! Wow. This is my seventh year of covering the show, and while it's admittedly tiring with some underwhelming seasons along the way, I just couldn't get enough of American Idol. So yeah, it’s time to once again dive down the proverbial rabbit hole in our quest to find a new recording superstar capable of taking the music industry by storm, or more likely, a young white male who plays the guitar.

The episode wasn't as strong as I would've wanted, but it's the audition round, so what else to expect. The sneak peak of the Final 24 at the top of the episode was a brilliant idea though.

On with the show!

Riley Bria
Georgia Woods
His pitch wavered a couple of times and he may sound a little bland in parts, but his tone for a country singer sounded a lot more tolerable than most. Plus, it's always good to know that he can handle a big audience. 6.5

Priscilla Barker
Delta Dawn
Eh. She can definitely carry a tune, but Jennifer Lopez was right, she needed to sound a lot more special than that. Her voice was very affected, and I didn't seem like she has a lot of range in her voice. 4

Cameron Bedell
You Are The Best Thing
He has a pleasant voice, but is he a star? I'm not so sure. 5

Amber Kelechi
Heartbreak Hotel
I wanted to like her, but she needs some major work with her technique. There was no vocal control and her pitch was uneven. Yes, there were some strong moments in her audition and she definitely has raw potential, but remember how Season 13 went on based on "potential"? 4.5

Kory Wheeler
I Can't Make You love Me
Distinct tone, but he showed no lower and middle register. It sounded monotonous and jarring. 4

Michael Simeon
Stay With Me
Slow dancing aside, this was a pretty solid audition. There's a smoky tone and texture to his voice that sounded lovely and he's very charming. Something that shouldn't be discounted no? 7

Emily Brooke
Blown Away
You know it's a good audition when you're annoyed that it ended. She has a strong voice with good pitch and a fantastic range. 8


David Wayne said...

it's like playing a guitar is compulsory now.

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