Thursday, January 29, 2015

American Idol 14: San Francisco Auditions Part 1

.. and I thought we're done with the auditions! Haha. I'm exhausted after 6 episodes of this and we have one more tomorrow. Can we just cut to the chase and go to the more exciting part - where people start fighting and honing their strategies? The talent, again, were mixed as there were a couple of fantastic vocalists and some crazy people, but it is what it is.

On with the show!

Katherine Skinner
Shake It Out
She probably has one of the most obnoxious contestants this season, but I can't deny the fact that she can actually sing. She doesn't know how to control it and there's no subtlety whatsoever, but it's there. Ha. 5

Erika David
No One
Bland. Forgettable. Next. 4

Chandler Leighton
New York State of Mind
Gorgeous. Not only was her tone fabulous and easily recognizable, but the restraint and control was pretty impressive - especially for a song that's too easy to embellish. 8

Ryan Pinkston
Look, Ryan can sing. He has a pretty tone and his pitch was flawless, but there's just no spark in him. I just don't see any star quality in him, sadly. 6.5

Andrew Bloom
Too Close
He was serviceable at best. He has a nasal quality to his voice that I'm not particularly fond of, but I digress. The best thing about this audition though was hearing Haley Reinhart's Hit The Ground Runnin' after his audition. I appreciate that. 5.5

Kellyeanne Rodgers
A Song For You
Lovely tone and based on pure vocals, she's probably one of the best female vocalists. Haha. 7

Reno Anoa'i
I Don't Want To Talk About It
He started off strong, but I agree Jennifer Lopez, that when he started doing all the runs, he was mostly off key. He lacked vocal control. 5.5

Rayvon Owen
Wide Awake
Easily one of my favorite auditions this season. His voice sounded like butter, his control was impeccable, the pitch was spot on, and his transitions were really good. I seriously won't mind hearing his voice for a few dozen more weeks. 9

Maddy Hudson
There's something very striking about Maddy. Her vocals weren't perfect, but she's got a great little cry in her voice that's pretty riveting to watch. 8


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