Friday, January 23, 2015

American Idol 14: New Orleans Auditions

Not sure if this episode was better than yesterday - I can't recall, to be honest. Haha - but there were a couple of decent singers in New Orleans. It's not as brilliant as I expected, considering it's the freaking New Orleans, but I digress. Somehow, I was hoping this audition phase is done. I'm almost exhausted. Ha.

On with the show!

Jelly Joseph
Rolling In The Deep
Her vocal dynamics were fantastic, and while I wasn't a fan of her tone, her ability to show nuance and bombast at the same time was quite impressive. 7

Tiffany Stringer
Want You Back
What was up with these judges sending her to Hollywood? So bad, it wasn't even funny. 1

Greyson Turner
Chasing Shadows
Not sure what to think about Greyson. He can definitely carry a tune, but I have this feeling that he'll eventually crash and burn in the process. He's way too green for this competition. 5

Sarah Quintana
St. James Infirmary Blues
Why did they let Tiffany get to Hollywood and send this incredible vocalist home without the golden ticket? Yes Harry, she may not be the American Idol prototype, but she's A LOT better than some of the people they let through to the next round. Unbelievable. 6

Quentin Alexander
He had problems hitting the upper register of his voice and his phrasing sounded a choppy in parts, but his tone was beautiful and given the right material, he could do really well this season. He just needs to work around his vocal limitations. 6

Mikey Duran
My Demise
Very nice. There's a riveting quality to his voice that I like, his innate musicality was impressive, and the song writing was outstanding - possibly one of the best original songs I've heard on this show. 7.5

Ricky Hendricks
The Thunder Rolls
Like Greyson, he has a lot of potential with a lot of charisma, but too raw and his pitch was all over the place.  5

Dakota Suarez
Dog Days Are Over
Take out the fact that he's a drag queen, and Dakota's just a boring vocalist. Nothing special. Next. 4

Adam Lasher
These Shoes
He's actually good. Not fantastic, but good. 7

Erica Washington
Hmm. While Erica as a powerful voice with a lot of passion and impeccable grasp on her pitch, she's just way too loud. Or was it just me?  7


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