Thursday, January 15, 2015

American Idol 14: Kansas Auditions

I have watched every season of American Idol, and this has to be their worst audition show in years. Yes, there were a couple of good singers, but I felt like the bar was set too low that the marginal-at-best singers were put through. No, this wasn't totally a waste of time, but the show needs to make important changes on this phase. I'm hoping tomorrow will be a better episode.

On with the show!

Ron Wilson
Let's Get It On
Did he really think being all crazy for a first impression will do him any good? Yikes. Ron has a decent voice, but I've heard singers like him on this show hundreds of times, and he's no better than any of them. Sorry. 5

Joey Cook
The King of Spain
I love the quirk. I love the voice. I love the accordion. Of course, the squeeze box was for her to get notice, so she better drop it when she arrives in Hollywood and just sing. It got a little distracting, but I saw moments of greatness in her audition. 7

Alexis Gomez
Little White Church
I didn't expect that. She's exuberant, her voice control was solid, she has a unique tone for her genre, and some of her vocal choices were tasteful. 7

Anton Bushner
Tonight I Wanna Cry
Eh. Not sure what to think of this. Let's just say his vocals were sharper than a diamond drill bit. Haha. 4

Stephanie Gummelt
Original Song
Her speaking voice was ridiculously annoying, but she dropped it once she started singing. I admit, her singing voice was pretty good that it almost reminded me of Jewel. Not sure if I liked her original song though. 6

Ellen Peterson
I Want To Be A Cowboy's Sweetheart
The banjo playing was great, the yodeling was a nice little touch, and she has a beautiful almost silky texture to her voice that's quite lovely. I can see potential, but let's see how far she can go with that. 6.5

Kohlton Pascal
Sitting Here Beside Me
If Caleb Johnson and Meatloaf had a baby, that's Kohlton right there. This was just a strange audition. 4


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