Friday, January 30, 2015

American Idol 14: San Francisco Auditions Part 2

Finally! The last night of this season's audition phase is over - yay! - and I liked that they ended it with a couple of strong singers - especially the girls. I did question though the judges' affinity with raw and inexperienced contestants. Why do they keep giving them a slot when they're obviously not ready yet?

Let's finish these auditions!

Adanna Duru
You And I
Other than the fact that she went a little off at the end and her voice sounded a little thin when she started belting, her vocals, for the most part, was actually really good. The hint of grit was a pleasant surprise, she has a good tone, and she looked like a credible popstar. Something I didn't see when she audition for The Voice in Season 3. 7

Hunter Larsen
It's  My Life
Very nice. The raspy quality of her voice was interesting and she has this quirky personality that's not verging on obnoxious. She may be the real deal. 7.5

Tara Honda
I Feel The Earth Move
There's a clarity to her voice that I love and a great sense of rhythm. 7.5

Daniel Seavey
Hallelujah / Straight Up
Why did they let a toddler audition for the show? Are 12 year-old boys allowed already? Oh, he's 15? Ok. He's not ready. Next. 4

Rocky Peter
Wrong Places
He had some great moments, but his falsetto somehow threw me off. Not sure if it was just me, but that didn't sound right to me. 5.5

Jaq Mackenzie
You Waste My Time
At one point, I would like to tell her original song to her. Ha. She can sing, but that song was awful and I seriously had a hard time if she was on pitch or not. 5

Tyanna Jones
She's like a lovechild of Malaya Watson and Majesty Rose. Tyanna has a strong instrument with a mature tone for her age, nice phrasing, and I thought her energy was infectious. I also liked that she's smart enough to pick a song that's very youthful. 7.5


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