Wednesday, October 28, 2015

The Voice 9: The Knockouts Part 2

Sad. I was really hoping that the Knockouts will end this week - I know, it started just yesterday, but a man can dream no? - so that we can fast forward to the Playoffs. Tonight, we saw three (3) battles in a course of one hour and I was bored. Yes, there were a couple of good performances, but why am I getting so uninterested with the show this season. Was it the talent? Gwen Stefani? or Adam Levine and his bald head? Haha.

On with the show!


Korin Bukowski
All I Want
Her awkwardness may be a tad distracting, but no one can deny the pure beauty of her vocals. Her tone and the quality of her voice was just divine and the song choice was a perfect fit for her instrument. I'm a fan. 8

Summer Schappell
Little White Church
The sass and confidence was admirable, but there's something incredibly generic about her voice. It's not highly recognizable and that's going to be her problem. She just doesn't stand out. 6.5

WINNER: Korin Bukowski



Dustin Chsitensen
Zzzz. Nothing wrong with his singing, but this was too bland and boring. 4

Keith Semple
I Want To Know What Love Is
While this was A LOT more interesting than Dustin's performance, the thinness of his voice when he was hitting those high notes was verging on unpleasant. Not sure if I'd prefer that or the blandness of Dustin. 4.5

WINNER: Keith Semple



Darius Scott
On Broadway
His notes were mostly on point and his crazy difficult runs were executed to perfection. That being said, he oversang this song to death that the melody was almost gasping for air to live after that performance. Too much. 7

Morgan Frazier
Even If It Breaks Your Heart
The beginning verse was a bit tentative, but her voice just soared as soon as she hit chorus. Somehow, I appreciated the simple delivery of Morgan after being lambasted with unnecessary notes from Darius. 7.5

WINNER: Darius Scott
STEAL: Morgan Frazier (Team Blake)


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