Monday, October 5, 2015

X Factor UK 12: The 6 Chair Challenge #Girls

This part of the show has always been brutal to the contestants and even to the coaches. It was hard to watch. Really. That said, it's good television and it's everything that matters to these producers. So, I digress.

As for the talent, I'm not so sure. I thought this category was the strongest, but after watching all of them - and eventually the Final 6 - I have my own reservations now. I hope they prove me wrong moving forward.

14. Chloe Baker
You've Got The Love

13. Katie Coleman
The Voice Within
Not good. Not sure if it were the obvious nerves that made her voice sound shaky, but there's a tremble to it that just didn't sit right with her performance. 3

12. Kelly Mai Webb
Because The Night
What was this? This felt like she's just trying out just for the heck of it. 4

11. Lucy Duffield
Natural Woman
Pretty tone, but this was a little intense for the song. She looked angry. 4.5

10. Charli Beard
Love You I Do
Competent vocals, but nothing particualrly remarkable. I'd forget about her after this episode. 5

09. Sophie Plumb
Turning Tables
This was a serviceable version of Adel's hit and her vocals were mostly on point, but just like some of these ladies, it was just ok. Nothing particularly riveting. 5

08. Kiera Weathers
I Will Always Love You
She should be eliminated based just on her song choice. Really? I admit, her vocals were good - aside from her YOUs that were totally underpitch - but I'm sick of this song and she's not even half as good as Whitney. 5.5

07. Karen Mav
I'd Rather Go Blind
Ok. Her vocals were solid with a couple of interesting runs at the second of the song, but there's something about her that's a bit forgettable. I don't know. 6

06. Havva Rebke
No Diggity
She's not the best vocalists in the whole lot and her performance was a little inconsistent, but I see A LOT of untap potential in her. I just wish she doesn't crash and burn IF she gets into the live rounds. 6

05. Chloe Paige
Amazing Grace
Can the audience shut up for once? Chloe was a brave little soul singing acapella, and while she sounded good at the beginning, I felt that the song was a little too big for her. 6.5

04. Sharon Rose
Let It Go
Her vocals were pristine for the most part and it exploded towards the end to something quite compelling. Her connection to the song was also quite admirable. 7

03. Louisa Johnson
And I Am Telling You
I love me some Louisa and I thought her version was solid. I've heard better rendition of the song, but I digress. 8

02. Lauren Murray
Say You Love Me
She started a little off key, but she managed to somehow recover. Her lower notes sounded solid and when she switched to a higher key, her rich tone was really good. There were moments that I didn't particularly enjoy the quality of her voice, but that's sparse. 8

01. Monica Michael
What Is Love
This was shockingly awesome. Look, I've never been a fan of Monica, but she impressed me here. There was subtlety to it and yet equally powerful and the bridge was executed with enough sass. Plus, her vocals were mostly on point. 8.5

Monica Michael
Chloe Paige
Louisa Johnson
Havva Rebke
Kiera Weathers
Lauren Murray


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