Monday, October 12, 2015

X Factor UK 12: The 6 Chair Challenge #Boys

What an awful group! I've been following UK's X Factor for a couple of years now, but I've never seen such a lackluster set of talent in a single category. Sure, there were a couple of people that could be good if mentored correctly, but what I witnessed in this episode was almost appalling. Throughout the whole episode, I was either bored, annoyed, or angry. Haha.

On with the show!

15. Nathanael Landskroner
I Have Nothing
?!?!?! 1

14. Danny Sharples
Ain't Nobody
NO! 2

13. Tom Davis
Turn Up The Music
Terrible. His voice sounded shrill for the most part with no breath control whatsoever. 2

12. Papasidero
Lady Marmalade
WHAT IS HAPPENING? Yes, he can sing, but I will NEVER take him seriously. Like, forever. 3

11. Brodie Kelly
A Thousand Years
He was so nervous his vocals faltered. It wasn't awful by any means, but it was uncomfortable to watch. 4

10. Tom Bleasby
I Look To You
Sure, his vocal theatrics were interesting, but the novelty of it all gets old REALLY fast. Plus, it was just too much that I lost the melody halfway through. 4.5

09. Jordan Luke Gage
No More I Love You
Simon may find him boring and bland, but I'd rather have him than someone who's all smokes and mirrors will NEVER be a viable recording popstar. See, Papasidero and Tom Bleasby. 5.5

08. Ollie Marland
Marvin Gaye
There's a nasal quality to his tone that didn't sit with me well, but he was also quite charming with a little fire in him. Not bad. 6

07. Seann Miley Moore
I (Who Have Nothing)
I don't discount the fact that he can blow everyone with his vocals, but there's something about him that makes me uncomfortable. Is it a good thing? I'm not sure yet. 6

06. Jamie Eldridge
You Only Get What You Give
This was a tad short for me to form a concrete opinion about this performance, but his tone had a gritty quality that's slightly different from the rest and there's connection to the song. 6.5

05. Mason Noise
Earned It/The Fix/Sexy Back
If not for his unfortunate meltdown, he could seriously make this season a lot more interesting. He's very talented, he has some serious swagger, and he's different from the rest of the balladeers that are in Nick's group. Such a shame. 7

04. Josh Daniel
He started a little weak, but I thought he recovered for the rest of his performance. His tone sounded pretty and there's power to his delivery. I'm looking for something else from him though. 7

03. Ché Chesterman
It's A Man's Man's World
His vocals were stellar - especially those impressively precise runs towards the end - but then again, I felt like I've heard so many people who can belt as good as him. Unless he'd do something to differentiate himself from the rest, I don't see him breaking out as just another soulful singer. 7.5

02. Ben Clark
All I Want
Lovely tone with a palpable connection to the song. I'm curious to see how Nick will mentor him if he gets to the live shows because he can get boring fast. 7.5

01. Simon Lynch
Hold My Hand
Solid. The verse was strong and his vocals started soaring as the song progressed. His phrasing choices were also pretty interesting, which made his version surprisingly riveting. 8

Tom Bleasby
Simon Lynch
Ben Clark
Che Chesterman
Seann Miley Moore
Josh Daniel


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