Wednesday, October 14, 2015

X Factor Australia 7: Top 10

It's official Dannii Minogue is probably the worst judge/coach on any X Factor show EVER! Yes, even worse than Nicole Scherzinger and Redfoo combined. I don't know. She picks the strangest song choices for her artists as if she doesn't know what to do with them. Sigh. Good thing, there were a couple of bright lights who managed to keep the season afloat of total garbage. 

On with the show!

10. Georgia Denton
I'll Be There
So much promise, but her mentor's song choices for her ranged from uninspired to just plain lazy. I mean, this was the girl who performed Fight Song and Beautiful Disaster during the earlier rounds and now saddled with just unfortunate songs. To be fair, she did her best with what she was given, but it just didn't suit her range and her vocals. Shame on you, Dannii! 4

09. Jimmy Davis
When You Were Young
Boring. Bland. Blah. No, his vocals were fine for the most part, but this was just incredibly forgettable. Next. 4

08. Mahalia Simpson
Get Stupid
It's quirky and it's fun, but the all that running around the stage somehow compromised her vocals. The lack of breath support was obvious and halfway through she was just dropping her notes left and right. Maybe she should just stay put no? Or maybe not. 5

07. Natalie Conway
Wrecking Ball
She's a pretty consistent vocalist, but there's something about her that's strangely cold. I don't know. She just doesn't connect with her songs and it seemed more like a performance showing what she can do rather than interpreting the song's core message. 6

06. Michaela Baranov
Murder On The Dancefloor
There's still that awkwardness to her performance that was either endearing or annoying, but I guess, it works for her. I thought the song choice was awful, but she managed to pull it off quite nicely. Her tone sounded good and since it was an obscure song, at least to me, it came off fresh and not overdone. 6.5

05. Big T
I'm Not The Only One
There were a couple of vocal issues here and there, but for the most part, this was possibly Big T's best live performance to date. It was confident, the connection was palpable, and his tone was front and center here. 7

04. Louise Adams
Bang Bang (My Baby Shot Me Down)
If only the arrangement went somewhere, this would've rank significantly higher. That's not to say this was terrible because Louise's vocals were pretty much solid. The quality of her voice sounded lovely, some of her vocal choices were interesting, and it was a powerful performance. 7.5

03. In Stereo
This was the In Stereo I was looking for! Really. I said it before and I'll say it again, big productions for the boys will never work. Something a little more subdued and understated with a hint of some vocal dynamics are all they need and they're golden. Case in point, Photograph. 8

02. Cyrus Villanueva
Hold Back The River
Another solid performance from Cyrus. He's possibly the most consistent performer this year and that's something he needs to hold on to. I thought the staging of this performance was absolutely brilliant, and his voice especially during the verses were spot on. The transition to his falsetto at the middle of the performance was a bit of an odd choice, but other than that, good job! 8.5

01. Jess & Matt
Do You Remember
From the blocking to the staging to the arrangement down to their harmonies. This was, hands down, one of the best performances of the season. There was something gorgeously raw about this that I genuinely couldn't look away. It was purely magic. 9

Georgia Denton
Jimmy Davis
Mahalia Simpson


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