Sunday, October 25, 2015

WANTED: Reality Singing Show Panel

As early as now, DAM NATION is already looking for people who are willing to be part of this year's Reality Singing Shows Panel/Jury. You know, the Olympics of Singing Competition, which will be published before the year ends.

In 2013, the list was just purely from the subjective ears of DAM NATION. The blog then expanded things in 2014 and recruited six (6) reality singing show junkies across different countries to come up with a definitive list.

This year, we're upping the ante and giving more slots to more people. The reality singing shows will also not only focus on American Idol and The X Factor and The Voice franchises on United States, Australia, and United Kingdom. But we're expanding the selection of performances from the editions in Poland, Thailand, France, Vietnam, China, Ireland and more.

So yes, someone like Kieran McKillop of The Voice Ireland or Beau Monga of The X Factor New Zealand or Emilie Esther form The X Factor Denmark can be part of the list if there are enough votes from the panel that will be made.


- As soon as The X Factor UK wraps up - this marks the end of the Reality Singing Shows season - I will be sending a link to the jury/panel member where they can download and watch the final list of performances eligible for ranking. Yes, the shortlist will be decided by DAM NATION.

- There will also be a file provided where they can rank the performances with 1 being the best.

- This file should then be sent to for tallying as soon as done.

- The results will be posted right before the year ends and the final tally will be disclosed.

- That's it!

Reality Singing Shows: 25 Best Performances of 2014
Reality Singing Shows: 25 Best Performances of 2013

Interested Reality Singing Show Junkies? Email us at or DM at the official DAM NATION facebook page or tweet us at @damthenation.

Let's make this interactive!


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