Saturday, February 21, 2015

American Idol 14: House of Blues Showcase

I admit, I have no plans of posting anything about the House of Blues as I plan to discuss everything on a usual post for the blog once the semifinalists have been announced, but since I received a couple of requests, I will give a quick ranking of how I think the House of Blues went. Again, this is just their performance on this particular round.

As for the in-depth analysis of this year's Top 24 - as per usual - let me do that in another post, which I will publish in the next couple of days. 

You may watch the whole performances of the Top 24 on Vevo's YouTube channel, HERE.

How did you rank the Top 24 based on their House of Blues performances?


12. Loren Lott
My Heart Will Go On
I like her. I hate the song. 5

11. Alexis Gomez
Better Dig Two
So what if you can sing in Spanish? Big deal. 5

10. Adanna Duru
It's A Man's Man's World
There's a quality to her voice that was pulling me out of his performance and she's just way too dramatic, no? 5.5

09. Maddie Walker
Big Girls Don't Cry
I liked that she went outside her country roots with the song choice, but she's not the most exciting one in the bunch. 6

08. Shi Scott
Higher Ground
Either you love her or you hate her. I'm fine with her. Haha. 6

07. Shannon Berthiaume
Piece Of My Heart
Raw, but strangely compelling. 6.5

06. Lovey James
Moldable popstar! 6.5

05. Katherine Winston
There's a quiet confidence about her that I really like. 7.5

04. Joey Cook
Sweet Pea
Was it just me or she's like the lovechild of Sia and Lady Gaga? 7.5

03. Jax
You And I
I hated the unnecessary pause, but everything else sounded divine. 8

02. Tyanna Jones
Love On Top
I seriously didn't think she had this in her. A pleasant surprise. 8

01. Sarina Joi-Crowe
Big White Room
It took her four years to get to the live shows? Was she significantly bad last year that she got cut? This was superb. 8.5


12. Mark Andrew
Take Me To Church
This came off as if he was a random guy forced by his friends to sing on stage. Really. 4.5

11. Daniel Seavey
Straight Up
He's got a good edit so far this season because those little breaks in his voice sounded unpleasant. Just too raw. 5.5

10. Trevor Douglas
Burnin' Love
A little too frenetic for my taste. 6

09. Michael Simeon
Good, but forgettable. 6.5

08. Adam Ezegelian
Here I Go Again
Solid karaoke version. 6.5

07. Savion Wright
I Don't Trust Myself
There's a clear musicality to Savion's rendition, but it needed a little more oomph to create a lasting impression. 7

06. Riley Bria
Love This Pain
Other than his terrific guitar playing, Riley has an undeniable ease when performing and that's always a good thing. 7

05. Qaasim Middleton
Fantastic energy. Awesome stage presence. Compelling. 8

04. Nick Fradiani
Drops of Jupiter
I don't understand how he's not signed with a record label at this point in his life.  8

03. Quentin Alexander
He may not be everyone's cup of tea, but I'm having that tea any day. 8.5

02. Rayvon Owen
Lay Me Down
Just beautiful. 9

01. Clark Beckham
Georgia On My Mind


Muhamad Refky Kamajaya said...

Yes, thank you, Dam! Really appreciate it :D

Anonymous said...

lol @ Clark Beckham's comment but I absolutely agree hahha

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