Friday, February 13, 2015

Movie Review: That Thing Called Tadhana

Just beautiful. That Thing Called Tadhana was not a typical Filipino romance comedy film. It wasn't complex with no overbearing drama, no forced conflicts, or any gratuitous slow-mos for added kilig effect, and yet it was easily one of the more riveting Filipino films under this genre. The acting performances were superb, especially Angelica Panganiban, the direction was top notch, the backdrop was wonderful, and don't get me started with the cinematography. Haha. But what was really fascinating about the film was how utterly charming, dynamic, and insightful the writing was. Rather than the typical one-liners, the film managed to come up with some very listenable words, and the conversations were revealing without seeming forced, and had a natural flow. That Thing Called Tadhana may not be the best movie I have ever seen, but this was a great antidote to all the fluffy and brainless romance films - which tend strongly towards cliches. 9


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