Monday, February 16, 2015

The Voice Philippines 2: Top 12 Live Show Part 2

.. and there's still hope. Unlike yesterday, the coaches' - Sarah and Lea - decisions were a pleasant surprise. I don't know. After the disappointing results the past few weeks, I already resigned to the idea that they will be in their right state of minds when deciding on who should advance to the next round. But alas, both of them made the right decision. So yes, there's still hope.

On with the show!


03. Kokoi Baldo
Message In A Bottle
Once again, he was given a great song for his voice, and once again, it’s fun and energetic, and probably a crowd pleaser for his base, but he's just not growing. He's stuck in neutral, and while that may be great at some point, it gets boring afterwards. No versatility whatsoever. Why not do Redemption Song? Still reggae, but on a different tempo. Not just another throwaway performance. 4.5

02. Jason Dy
Kahit Kailan
Jason is a strong vocalist. Very strong. I liked that he added some pretty interesting current flair to his runs, his pitch when he was singing on his lower range was mostly spot on, and his upper register was firing on all cylinders and carried a purity that most singers only dream of. Solid. 7

01. Monique Lualhati
Butterfly is an intensely complicated song that relies heavily on unbelievable vocal support, and Monique somehow managed to deliver a nearly faultless vocals. Yes, her pitch wavered a couple of times during the verses, but when she hit the chorus, her vocals just soared. To me, this was so vocally satisfying and had equal parts drama and intensity. 8

Jason Dy
Monique Lualhati



03. Nino Alejandro
I Want To Know What Love Is
This was about as safe and boring as you can get and his pitch was surprisingly shaky. Not sure if it was the emotions, but there's that. 3.5

02. Timmy Pavino
Story Of My Life
There were moments of  Story of My Life that worked from a purely technical level, but when Timmy tried to stretch his voice and did too much, he ended up aggressively overworking his upper register to the point where it sounded like he was yelling those notes. They don’t sound comfortable. Sure, he's got pipes, but everything else about him screams dull. 4

01. Leah Patricio
Because You Love Me
Leah sang another overdone diva song, Because You Loved Me, and the vocal was almost perfect, but her lower register sounded very disappointing. I thought she relied way too heavily on her upper register, which made the majority of the song sound similar and lost a lot of dynamics. Again, I'm bored. 4.5

Timmy Pavino
Leah Patricio


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