Thursday, March 5, 2015

American Idol 14: Top 8 Boys

Quite frankly, I didn't like the idea to go vintage again - especially at this early stage of the game - as these contestants need to settle first with what they're comfortable with and then slap them with the harsh reality of theme weeks come Finals, but Motown week, no matter how repetitive, will always be part of American Idol. For nostalgia, maybe?

As for how the episode went, I will need a couple more weeks to finally settle into the new format. I have to get back to you on  this in the next coming weeks.

On with the show!

08. Mark Andrew
Papa Was A Rolling Stone
While his vocals were, for the most part, technically solid and I liked that he did something fresh with the melody, the whole presentation came off ridiculously sloppy and strangely boring. I don’t even have a joke here since I fell asleep midway through the performance. 3

07. Daniel Seavey
How Sweet It Is (To Be Loved By You)
This was actually a great choice for Daniel, but his voice, as it stands now, was fairly weak and the falsetto was practically absent which made it more unbearable. But “he’s so adorable!” Sure! He’d be even more adorable if he could, you know, sing! 3

06. Adam Ezegelian
I Want You Back
Adam delivered yet again another respectable, but in the end, inconsequential performance. Sure, his take on Jackson 5's I Want You Back was refreshing, especially the rock edge he put in the arrangement, and his vocals were a lot better this week, but I couldn't take his performances seriously and at this point, he's just a clown to me trying to entertain me in the best way possible.4.5

05. Nick Fradiani
Signed, Sealed, Delivered
The vocals were great, but it all felt very dependable and safe. Nothing wrong with that, but after Savion's elimination, no one should rest on their laurels. Nick has two choices. He can go out of his element, take a chance, and try to win this competition or he can keep doing what he is doing and hang around until, say, the Top 6. That’s it. 6.5

04. Qaasim Middleton
I Wish
Solid. The energy that radiates from Qaasim's performances are undeniable and how he exploded with I Wish was pretty riveting to watch, but like Jennifer Lopez said, it's time for him to settle down a bit and showcase a different side of his voice. The value of switching it up is important, especially on American Idol, and it will be criminal if he's not aware of this fact. 7

03. Quentin Alexander
Master Blaster
Master Blaster was an interesting and daring song choice for Quentin and I will cheer any contestant who takes chances. He brought some much needed flavor to the Idol stage, there's energy and charisma in his performance, and his vocals were mostly spot on. I question though if this was a bit polarizing for the voters. 7

02. Rayvon Owen
My Girl
Rayvon had a beautiful moment this evening with his performance of My Girl. I admit, the song choice had me gasping, but he made something exciting out of it. The voice was pitch perfect, the phrasing just oozed natural ability, his falsetto was solid, and that last run was terrific. If he can keep up this momentum for a couple of more weeks his fan base could be very powerful. I absolutely loved this and can’t wait to see what he brings next week. 7.5

01. Clark Beckham
The Tracks Of My Tears
The Tracks of my Tears was a risky song choice - especially when Adam Lambert made this song untouchable - but this showed us how amazing Clark continues to be when he refuses to play it safe. The arrangement, though a bit too much, worked well, his vocals were constantly on top form, he was soulful, passionate, and the whole performance was visceral. Yes, I understood Harry's critique on Clark, but I digress. 7.5

Savion Wright
Riley Bria
Trevor Douglas
Michael Simeon

 Mark Andew
Daniel Seavey
Mark Andrew
Adam Ezegelian


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