Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Movie Review: Unfinished Business

Not a terrible film, by any means, but Unfinished Business was certainly a bland, risk-free, amazingly average comedy that should, hopefully, be forgotten by most people years from now. The narrative was lackluster, the ending came off like an afterthought, and the drama, which was inserted mostly to give depth and emotion to the film, gave a strange tone to the whole film. I would have expected a riot given what was in the trailer, but what turned out was plenty of bore. Heck, even the natural chemistry of the leads were disappointing. Dave Franco tried to salvage it with a pretty hysterical role, but the mediocrity was too much for him to carry. Sure, I have seen worse, but Unfinished Business could have and should have done so much better with this movie. 3.5


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