Sunday, March 1, 2015

The Voice Philippines 2: Grand Finale

It’s the The Voice Philippines Season 2 Finale! Usually, it always feel like a season just flies by, but that's not the case here. It went by too long, I lost interest towards the end. Oh well, we’re here now, so my rants tonight will be futile.

So, I will just shut up and go on with the final review of the season.


04. Joey Ayala (with Bayang Barrios)
Karaniwang Tao
On a night where the mood was mostly "serious" or "competitive, Joey Ayala and Bayang Barrios brought a real sense of tempo to the proceedings and it was.. wait, Rence Rapanot was part of the performance? Ok then. 5

03. Jason Dy (with Charice)
Wrecking Ball
While they sounded good for the most part, the whole number oddly never reached the anthemic heights of the song. Maybe both of them layered on too many embellishments to the song that it felt more than what it should've been. 7

02. Alisah Bonaobra (with Dulce)
Ako Ang Nagwagi
There were some lovely moments in this collision of Big Diva voices and a sweet vocal blend towards the end, but it seemed like Alisah was more worried about hitting her notes than really interacting with Dulce. 7.5 

01. Leah Patricio (with Jed Madela)
I loved that this one felt like a true duet - fueled by mutual respect - and without a single bad note in the mix. Solid. 7.5


04. Rence Rapanot
Estudyante Blues
I don't even know what to say. Rence seems to be a very nice guy, but I seriously don't see him as a viable recording artist. There's a monotony to his delivery that made this incredibly underwhelming, which lead to questions along the lines of, "How exactly did this dude outlast Tanya Diaz?" 4

03. Alisah Bonaobra
Love On Top
I was so happy to hear Alisah go simultaneously uptempo and current scrambling up Beyonce's octave-scaling Love On Top,but somehow, there's a reedy quality to her tone throughout the whole performance that sounded unpleasant. Yes, she managed to hit those notes without breaking a sweat, but that's about it. 6.5

02. Leah Patricio
So, Leah took to the stage, moved a bit, and delivered a charismatic, and above all, happy performance that people would want to vote for. Why are we seeing this side of her just now? Her coach Lea did her a disservice throughout the competition by smacking her with overdone diva songs when she can actually deliver something more contemporary. Her version wasn't perfect - she lost a bit of control over her voice when she started shouting the last parts of the song - but this was a strong vocal showcase. 7.5

01. Jason Dy
With You
Not as showy as Alisah's Love On Top or Leah's Titanium, but believe me when I say that this was possibly the performance that I saw a potential marketable artist post-competition. Some say, The Voice should be about the best vocalists, but if we go by that rule, Rence shouldn't be here to begin with and Mitoy shouldn't have won last season. So don't give me that crap that Jason was out sung by singers who belted higher notes. Yes, there were no impressive belting notes thrown in this number, but he managed to pull off some fantastic vocals tricks here and there. He looked comfortable, confident, and the whole performance seemed natural and easy. 8

Jason Dy

Jason Dy 


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