Sunday, March 22, 2015

The Voice UK 4: Top 12

Wait up, what happened? I was following this season during the Blind Auditions and found a couple of fantastic singers and now that I'm back, we're left with this? Yes, there are still a handful of great competitors, but Vikesh? Lucy? Lara? Karis? Ok, I will stop. Maybe the coaches wanted to have a lackluster season?

I was hoping to see outstanding performances - given how great some of last season's contestants did in DAM NATIONS Reality Singing Show Olympics - but I'm a little underwhelmed. Let's see if there's more to them by next week.

On with the show!

12. Vikesh Champaneri
Get The Party Started
I just can't take this guy seriously. Sorry. 4

11. Lucy O'Byrne
When You Wish Upon A Star
Just not my cup of tea. 4.5

10. Lara Lee
God Put A Smile Upon Your Face
Other than that quick breakdown in the middle, this was pretty pedestrian. 6

09. Emmanuel Nwamadi
Another Day In Paradise
Good, but forgettable. 6.5

08. Karis Thomas
Not a fan of Karis, but she made it work.. somehow. 6.5

07. Clark Carmody
No Diggity / Ain't No Sunshine
Clever arrangement. Steady vocals. Moody. 7

06. Howard Rose
Read My Mind
This was good and the little quirks in his voice was a perfect fit for the song. 7

05. Autumn Sharif
Hold Back The River
Tentative beginning, but the second half was outstanding. 7.5

04. Stevie McCrorie
All Through The Night
His vocals just soared high enough to be memorable. 7.5

03. Sheena McHugh
Glow / Princess of China
Quite not sure about the mash-up of the songs and it looked like she was trying hard to impress, but the end product was gorgeous. 7.5

02. Sasha Simone
Solid vocals. Fantastic staging. Solid vocals. Umm, did I say that already? Ha. 8

01. Joe Woolford
Don't Wake Me Up
I had reservations, but he pulled this one off quite impressively. His vocals were on point, there's power and texture to his voice that's wonderful and he has a terrific recording voice. 8

Autumn Shariff (Team Ricky)
Tara Lee (Team Tom)
Howard Rose (Team Tom)
Clark Carmody (Team Rita)


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