Sunday, May 24, 2015

Movie Review: Pitch Perfect 2

Dis-aca-ppointing. I was seriously a HUGE fan of the first film - when everyone practically ignored it in movie theaters as I could basically count seven people watching it with me - but Pitch Perfect 2 just didn't live up to it's predecessor. One major gripe was the storyline, or lack thereof. The film didn't seem to know what it was focusing on. The subplots weren't well thought out, there was just too much going on that everything felt disjointed, and there were a lot of filler materials in this film. The Riff-Off, for instance, was annoyingly lame as it offered NOTHING to the plot. The script wasn't as tight as I hoped, some of the jokes fell completely flat, Skylar Astin's underutilized role was a total mistake, and none of the musical sequences were particularly memorable. Don't get me wrong, Pitch Perfect 2 was still thoroughly entertaining and some of the musical performances were good, but it was, arguably, nowhere near as brilliant as the first one. 4.5


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