Sunday, May 24, 2015

The Voice 8: Finale

Was there any doubt in my mind that there's any other result at the end of this season? One person dominated iTunes since the Blind Auditions and with the cumulative votes coming back this season, there's just no way this will end differently. Yes, I still don't understand the appeal - I find this one extremely overrated - but one thing that worked for this person was consistency.

The Voice 8 will go down as possibly the best Top 12 EVER that ended up lame towards the end. What was America thinking with the votes? Kimberly Nichole, Mia Z, and maybe India Carney would've been a much more deserving finalists. They will not win against the eventual winner, but that would made for a much more entertaining final performance episode.

But as always, I digress.

So yeah, just for the purpose of writing it down..


Sawyer Fredericks

2nd Place: Meghan Linsey
3rd Place: Joshua Davis (??)
4th Place: Koryn Hawthorne


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