Sunday, November 8, 2015

Movie Review: Spectre

Dull. Convoluted. Trite. What a big letdown Spectre was. Not sure if I was just expecting too much from it - given how good Skyfall was - but this film was just downright disappointing. To be completely fair, it started out compelling enough and I found the scenes to be exquisitely shot. However, something happened after the second act that the story became too drawn-out things almost didn't make sense. The action was intense, but hardly memorable and they were few and far between, the pacing was awful, and the villain wasn't particularly interesting - words can't describe how dull the villain was. Daniel Craig was probably the best thing here, but he just couldn't single-handedly keep the film afloat. Spectre wasn't as bad as Quantum of Solace, but this film pretty much dropped all the goodwill the franchise earned from Skyfall. Forgettable with no personality whatsoever. 6


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