Wednesday, November 11, 2015

The Voice 9: Live Playoffs #TeamBlake

If not for #TeamPharrell, I would've been utterly annoyed by the flock of country artists in this episode. No, I have nothing against them, but I'm just not the biggest fan of the genre. That said, I can't deny the fact that while most of them didn't appeal to my personal taste, some of them delivered some decent to good performances and I can't be mad with that.

On with the show!

06. Morgan Frazier
Lips of an Angel
I have to admit, there was nothing wrong with Morgan's performance of Lips of an Angel. I thought she sounded good - especially when she belted those high notes - but I totally forgot about her when the episode ended and that's not exactly a good sign. 6

05. Nadjah Nicole
Upside Down
Holy hair extensions! Haha. Rita Ora dead ringer, anyone? The song choice wasn't exactly the most relevant and somehow didn't help Nadjah's case to  move to the lives, but she did what she could with the material given to her. The vocals were tentative at the beginning, but picked up at the tail end of her performance. She's clearly different from the rest of Team Blake and that either go both ways for her. 6.5

04. Emily Ann Roberts
In The Garden
For a moment, I thought I was listening to Carrie Underwood pandering for votes. Haha. I kid. But seriously, other than a couple of botched notes, this was a pretty decent performance. Her tone was gorgeous, her upper register sounded really pretty, and there's a quiet beauty to her vocals that's hard to ignore. She's like Danielle Bradbery minus the immaculate pitch. 7

03. Barrett Baber
I Drive Your Truck
I may not get into Barrett's bandwagon ever, but one can't deny the sheer consistency of his tone and pitch in this performance. His vocals were solid and it may actually pass as a legitimate performance on any country related music award shows. Not bad. 7.5

02. Ivonne Acero
One of Us
I may not be a fan of her uncontrolled vibrato, but there was something about her vocals and delivery that made this pretty compelling. How her vocals slowly soared at the climax of the song was particularly exciting and the way she held her notes was unexpectedly impressive. No, I don't think she was fully connected with the song, but I digress. 7.5

01. Zach Seabaugh
Brand New Girlfriend
Say what you want about Zach - and me - but I'd be lying if I said that I didn't, in any way, enjoyed his performance. I didn't take it too seriously (as it should be) and the cheekiness from the hip gyration to his unrelenting stage work made this the most thrilling and riveting performance of the entire Playoffs round this season. Bar none. 8

Barrett Baber
Emily Ann Roberts
Zach Seabaugh


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