Sunday, November 29, 2015

X Factor UK 12: Top 5

We're almost at the finish line? It was that fast? This was another interesting week. Everyone struggled one way or another during tonight's episode. Someone completely forgot the words, while someone had to fight the sickness and deliver something that will be enough for another week. That being said, there’s still an undeniable magic beneath the surface. I'm curious though who will end up packing this week. Are we in for a shocker?

On with the show!


05. Chè Chesterman
Yikes! This has to be the biggest meltdown I've seen in any reality singing competition that I've covered in years. Chè didn't just drop a word, he completely forgot one whole stanza of the biggest song on earth right now (!!!) and when he got his words back, his vocals were all over the place. Can he survive this week? Doubtful, I say. 2

04. 4th Impact
I'll Be There
My head practically smacked my laptop when I heard this choice. This song choice boggled the mind and I couldn't wrap my head around how this song won the public's vote. Sure, they needed to slow things down a bit, but not with this song! How was this current? How did this song fit them in the slightest? The vocals were, for the most part, fine although that unnecessary whistle note irked me as it was just there to showboat and felt more of a vocal exercise than a deeply felt interpretation. 4

03. Reggie 'N' Bollie
Watch Me Whip/Nae Nae
I don't want to sound like a broken record, but yes, they were entertaining and I'll leave it at that. 5

02. Lauren Murray
Not sure if this was the right song for her - she's becoming incredibly drab with these song choices - but vocally, this was still pretty spot on. I would've liked a slightly more interesting delivery as she looked bored - or was it her way to convey some semblance of emotion? 6

01. Louisa Johnson
Love Yourself
Louisa struggled. But even at her worst, she completely obliterated everyone. I didn't really mind that her vocals were a tad scratchy in parts and the last couple of notes were undeniably shaky, but there's just no contest at this point. This was still better than most and slightly refreshing to see her move around the stage again. 7


05. Reggie 'N' Bollie
This song required a little bit of vocal ability and since they have little to none, it ended up being one fine hot mess. 3

04. Chè Chesterman
Try A Little Tenderness
He tried to salvage his earlier performance, but this just wasn't at par with the other performances or even by his own standards. He started off nicely with most of his notes - and words - intact, but as soon as the song picked up, his pitch sounded a bit under and he wasn't hitting his notes as precisely as usual. Not sure if he just gave up after Hello. 5

03. Lauren Murray
You Don't Own Me
I seriously had doubts with the song choice, but given that the song was just recently revived with a modern sound to it by an Australian artist Grace, I thought Lauren actually pulled it off. Her vocals were good especially the last part where her voice soared and she looked comfortable with the song choice. It also had the right attitude to go with the performance. 7.5

02. 4th Impact
Rich Girl / Fancy
The staging and production, I thought, were awesome, the mash-up was quite brilliant as it dodged the karaoke criticism, and the girls looked like they were having fun. Vocally, this was also a lot more restrained - not following their usual template where someone would just suddenly shout at us as if we're being scolded by our moms - and they didn't sound too loud, which is always a good thing. Possibly my second favorite performance from them next to Work It Out. 7.5

01. Louisa Johnson
She's obviously sick and yet, she still sounded fantastic. No, it wasn't as perfect compared to most of her previous performances, but the gravelly texture to her voice caused by whatever she's going through actually added grit and character to the whole performance. It sounded good and I'm not mad at her for that slight missed note at the end. 8

Reggie 'N' Bollie
Chè Chesterman


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