Friday, January 25, 2013

American Idol 12: Baton Rouge Auditions

Jesus, this really is Country Idol this year no? Or was it just because the past two cities have been in heavily southern territory? I digress. I thought this was a decent episode with a good amount of talented people.

And yes, two more episodes and we're done with the auditions. Surprisingly, this year's auditions weren't nearly as painful and seemingly never ending as they were last year. I guess, the new entertaining judging panel, plus the editing, made this round more fun this time around.

On with the show!

Megan Miller
Something's Got A Hold On Me
Wow. Aside from the fact that she came in with crutches, which was awesome, I thought Megan sounded amazing. She has a beautiful tone with a nice vocal control. Plus, she's very charismatic and beautiful. Lots of potential on this girl. 7.5

Charlie Askew
Is Charlie right for American Idol? Not sure, but this kid has an odd charm that's endearing. Sure, his social awkwardness came off slightly a bit creepy, but his vocals just soared in two of his song choices. He's different. I don't have a clue as to how he would be marketable after the show, but I digress. 7.5

Maddie Assel
Oh Darling
True, Maddie overdid some of the liberties she took with the melody, but there's no denying that she has the raw talent to make it further than Hollywood Week. She has a nice quality to her voice that I love and there's enough soul and character to it to be distinct. Very nice. Oh, and her grandma was a hoot and I love her! 7

Paul Jolley
I Won't Let Go
I suddenly enter to panic mode when Paul started singing because I maybe looking at a possible winner. No, it's not because he's the best singer on the show, but because he has the formula of recent winners: Guy. White. Good looking. Country. If he can play a guitar, the season is over! Haha. But when I watched his audition again, I figured that there's nothing to worry about. Paul just sounded like Clay Aiken singing country music, which the world doesn't need right now. He also sounded theatrical, which didn't appeal to me. 6

Calvin Peters
Whenever, Wherever, Whatever
Eh. He can sing, but there's nothing really special about his voice. Calvin was awfully bland throughout his audition and there's no way he'd be able to stand out in Hollywood week. But yes, how many shows get to have a singing doctor as a contestant? Haha. 5.5

Michele Montezeri
Tainted Love
Nice. N/A

Breanna Steer
I'm Going Down
Good. N/A

Brandy Hotard
Hell On Heels
Yeah, this happened. Haha. N/A

Dustin Watts
She's Every Woman
Just when I thought Paul Jolley's the biggest threat since yesterday's Jimmy Smith from having an American Idol female winner this year, a white male southern country singer whose day job is a firefighter came in to audition!! Dustin sounded good, but he lacked a certain amount of charm to be a serious threat. Maybe he's more like Michael Sarver than Scotty McCreery no? Yes, everyone can breathe. Haha. 6.5

Burnell Taylor
I'm Here
While he did remind me a bit of Joshua Ledet - not because of the standing ovation the judges gave hime - I thought Bernell's sweet tone was much easier on my ears than Joshua's gritty vocal quality. His runs were great and he's good at what he does, but I'm pretty sure Bernell will annoy me if he lasts too long in the competition. Sorry. 7


Anonymous said...

Only when reading your reviews I realize how little contestants we actually get to see in the course of a two-hour show.

DAM said...

Anonymous: But, Baton Rouge episode was just one hour to give way to the premiere of Glee. The past three episodes were two hours though and they featured more contestants. :)

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