Tuesday, January 8, 2013

American Idol 12: Top 40 Spoiler!!

It's that time of the year again! Just like last year and the year after that, here's the spoilers for American Idol Season 12 Top 40.

Apparently, the Top 40 will head to Las Vegas this January for the final cut until we get a Top 20 (10 boys and 10 girls) for the semifinals, which the judges will decide who will enter the Final 10. Yes, the judges will have the control over that. Not sure if I'm ok with that, but whatever. I also think a Top 10 is a bit small no?

Anyway, read at your own risk!! I warned you. If you want to be spoiled.. read on! If not.. go away!

Bryant Tadeo (AI11 HW)
Burnell Taylor
Charlie Askew
Chris Watson (AI7 HW)
Cortez Shaw (AI11 GM)
Curtis Finch, Jr. (AI11 LVR)
David Willis
Devin Velez
Elijah Liu (AI11 HW)
Gurpreet Singh Sarin
Jimmy Smith
Johnny Keyser (AI11 LVR)
Joshua Holiday
Joshua Jada Davila
Kevin Harris
Lazaro Arbos
Mathenee Treco (AI11 LVR)
Nick Boddington (AI11 LVR)
Paul Jolley
Vincent Powell (AI11 LVR)

Adriana Latonio
Amber Holcomb (AI11 LVR)
Angela Miller
Aubrey Cleland (AI10 HW / AI11 GM)
Brandy Hotard
Breanna Steer
Candice Glover (AI9 HW / AI11 LVR)
Cristabel Clack
Isabel Pasqualone
Janelle Arthur (AI10 HW / AI11 LVR)
Jenny Beth Willis
Jett Hermano
Juliana Chahayed
Kamaria Ousley
Kree Harrison
Melinda Ademi (AI10 LVR)
Rachel Hale
Shubha Vedula
Tenna Torres (AI11 LVR)
Zoanette Johnson

HW = Hollywood Week
LV = Las Vegas Round
GM = Green Mile
AGT = America's Got Talent

Source: The Idol Pad


destinyscayin said...

The only familiar names for me are Keyser and Candice from last year. I hope this season is as good as last season. Yes I do believe that the AI11 finalists were a bunch of talented kids.. ok maybe Elise isn't a kid haha but she was awesome too.

DAM said...

destinycayin: There are a couple of Fil-Ams in the list - Bryant Tadeo, Adriana Latonio and Jett Hermano.

destinyscayin said...

Nice! I hope they do well and we get to see 'em even in the early eps. More screen time = more chances of winning haha

Anonymous said...

Yey so excited! rooting for Melinda Ademi! she came back!! hahah she's the one with Thia Megia mentored by the horror teacher! HAHA

Anonymous said...

Lauren Gray should have come again, T.T

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