Wednesday, November 26, 2014

The Voice 7: Top 10 Results Show

Is it time to ditch this season? I mean, take out Chris, Craig - and probably Matt - the rest are incredibly inconsistent with their performances. Pitch just died this season. Plus, how on earth is DaNica the last woman standing out of the thousands that auditioned? I just don't get it. So yeah, we're left with 7 guys and a woman who's possibly the least interesting out of all the finalists. Do the math.

On with this trainwreck of a show! Ha.


Craig Wayne Boyd
Matt McAndrew
Luke Wade
Taylor John Williams
DaNica Shirey
Chris Jamison


Reagan James
I'm Like A Bird
She started out fine, and then things got rough. Such a shame as she has so potential, but Blake just doesn't know how to coach her. 5

Anita Antoinette
The Remedy
Why this song? Did she really think she'd survive a singoff with this song? She's awfully out of pitch towards the end. 4

Ryan Sill
As much as I hate to admit it, Ryan sounded good on this song. He mostly stayed on pitch, which I couldn't say with the other two ladies. But if I'm going to be perfectly honest, those girls had a much better body of work throughout the season. But I digress. 6.5

Reagan James
Anita Antoinette


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