Wednesday, November 19, 2014

The Voice 7: Top 12 Results Show

No surprises here. Yes, I would've preferred someone else to be saved by America instead of the other one, but I digress. All three delivered awful to forgettable performances and that caused their demise. Add to that the fact that they performed in the first half of the show.

In other news, it's interesting to see an X Factor UK alum, Ella Henderson, perform on the show. Her live performance of Ghost was fantastic and I still couldn't believe she placed 6th during her season. Tsk.

Oh, and that Wildcard to the Finale was odd. Not sure if I like the idea or not, but I'll get back to it after a couple more weeks.

Results after the jump!


Matt McAndrews
Anita Antoinette
DaNica Shirey
Craig Wayne Boyd
Reagan James
Taylor John Williams
Chris Jamison
Luke Wade


Jessie Pitts
This was a pleasant sounding version of the song. There were some lovely moments, but the whole performance just didn't go anywhere. 6.5 

Sugar Joans
I Wanna Dance With Somebody
This was A LOT better than the shouty mess from last night, but she should just go. 6

Ryan Sill
More Than Words
Competent but boring. 6

Jessie Pitts
Sugar Joans


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