Monday, November 17, 2014

X Factor UK 11: Top 8

As much as I hated the idea of them singing old songs, this theme usually results to an outstanding performances. Other than Stevi, I thought everyone delivered strong numbers that I'm starting to be a little nitpicky on the performances. Let's hope they'll send home the rightful act soon.

On with the show!

08. Stevi Ritchie
Mambo #5 / She Bangs
Terrible. Embarrassing. Annoying. 

07. Stereo Kicks
Mack The Knife
They did better than I expected with the song, but the performance seemed more like eight people singing solos than an actual group performance.

06. Only The Young
I Wanna Be Like You
This group works best with the two boys doing the lead vocals no? Visually, this was good, but there was something lacking. 

05. Lauren Platt
Her silky tone worked well during the verses, but the time she pushed her voice, parts of it sounded thin.

04. Jay James
Empire State Of Mind / New York, New York
While his version sounded a tad karaoke, his vocals sounded consistent and the last part was actually pretty good.

03. Ben Haenow
Cry Me A River
I was expecting him to crash and burn as the edge to his voice doesn't necessarily fit the theme, but he handled it well. He missed a couple of notes throughout the performance, though I digress.

02. Andre Faustini
He had some spectacular moments here, but I felt like he wasn't telling the story of the song and was more of powerhouse belting. He can't do subtle, which is unfortunate.

01. Fleur East
Bang Bang
True, she sounded a little out of breathe in parts, but this worked for the most part. The rapping added more dimension to the performance, the dancing was good, and the arrangement was interesting.


Anonymous said...

is there any chance you could get your hands on the studio recordings for this week? thank you much appreciated!! ❤️❤️

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