Sunday, November 30, 2014

X Factor UK 11: Top 5

Thank God for a more current theme! I felt like dying after almost three weeks of overdone and cliche songs, and while there were still some this week, I didn't mind. We're almost at the finish line, and I thought everyone delivered decent to strong performances - especially with Stevi Ritchie gone last week.

On with the show!

10. Stereo Kicks
Just The Way You Are
The solos sounded rough and it just didn't come together. 

09. Lauren Platt
She looked awfully awkward on stage and those bum notes were too obvious not to take notice.

08. Ben Haenow
Come Together
He sang it good, but the production was too much that it became a lot distracting.

07. Fleur East
If I Ain't Got You
Overdone song. Her vocals sounded fine, but there was nothing special to this.

06. Andrea Faustini
I honestly hated the song choice. Yes, he sang parts in acapella and his vocals were pretty spot on, but I just died from the song alone.

05. Lauren Platt
Don't You Worry Child
It wasn't perfect, but her lovely tone worked wonders in this arrangement. It's subtle and beautiful.

04. Stereo Kicks
The staging was genius. The solos sounded on point, and the build up added dimension to their performance.

03. Ben Haenow
Thinking Out Loud
Not sure what Mel B was talking about because this was a relatively solid performance. Sure, it wasn't Ed Sheeran, but he made it his own and that grit in his voice was divine.

02. Fleur East
A Fool In Love
I was a bit iffy with the song choice, but Fleur made it sound current - despite the song being a musical fossil - and the presence she brought to it was fantastic.

01. Andrea Faustini
I was expecting him to crash and burn with this song choice, but his voice just soared higher and higher. The first part was perfection, and when he hit the chorus, I just gave up. Easily one of Andrea's best performance to date.


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