Sunday, November 23, 2014

X Factor UK 11: Top 7

Yikes. These themes are getting worse. I don't know what they're thinking, but can they have a theme that's something more modern. It's like I'm watching the second season of X Factor with these songs. Come on, X Factor! You can do better than this.

On with the show!

07. Stevi Ritchie
I'm Still Standing
This was so terrible, it's offensive. 

06. Andrea Faustini
I Have Nothing
I'm bored with his caterwauling. Yes, he's now officially a one trick pony and his vocals weren't even that good.

05. Ben Haenow
I Will Always Love You
His take on this iconic song was relatively good until he decided to shout at us. Really?

04. Only The Young
Something About The Way You Look Tonight
Not sure about the arrangement, but at least they were entertaining and the vocals were mostly on point.

03. Stereo Kicks
Don't Let The Sun Go Down On Me
I do not understand the standing ovation! The solos were decent, but the vocal tracks were over half the performance.

02. Fleur East
I'm Every Woman
Slow, but steady momentum. Fleur's turning out to be the real dark horse in the competition. This was solid.

01. Lauren Platt
How Will I Know
Not bad. It's not fantastic by any means, but this was possibly her best performance in weeks. The beginning was lovely. 

Another weird twist: Only The Young got the lowest votes and was eliminated from the competition.


Anonymous said...

Could you post the iTunes recordings for this week and last week?

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