Tuesday, November 25, 2014

The Voice 7: Top 10

Oh no. The Voice Season 7 is turning out to be a dud. Really. I've never seen a season of The Voice that tanks so quickly. There's roughly two or three people who's turning out good to great performances and the others were mediocre at best.

Oh, and can judges be a lot more honest than blowing up everyone's asses? And was Blake being sarcastic when he said that this was the BEST LIVE SHOW OF THE VOICE EVER? Gawd. I think it's time to mute the coaches' comments starting next week no?

On with the show!

10. Reagan James
JUST. NO. Sure, this was a bold and strategic song choice - just to show that she can be current - and this had so much potential, but she was just unable deliver. She had no breathe control, she wasn't credible to pull it off, and her vocals were bad. Oh, and would it kill the coaches to be a tad honest with her? Because this was no way near her best performance on the show. 2 

09. Anita Antoinette
Let Her Go
Wait, more reggae? Look, I liked that Anita has a distinct identity on the show, but it will not hurt if there's some much needed diversity, right? Also, not every song can have that reggae beat and the arrangement just didn't work. The emotional core of the song was gone, and add to that the fact that her vocals were all over the place and she flubbed some lyrics. Not good. 3.5

08. Damien
You And I
Dear Damien, I'm already old. I can help myself go to sleep. I don't need your help. Thank you very much. 4

07. Luke Wade
Try A Little Tenderness
Eh. This song needed some grit and attitude, and Luke's version was relatively tame. Heck, Jessica Sanchez's version had more personality than this. I hated the arrangement, he dragged the song so much it sounded annoying, and it was just too repetitive. Me no likey. 4.5

06. Matt McAndrew
Fix You
This wasn't as good as I was expecting. Really. Yes, his verses sounded lovely and his falsetto was a lot solid than I remembered, but by the time he hit the chorus, everything just fell apart. His voice was hoarse, and while the energy was there, the constant movement from one place to another gave the performance a strange effect. 5

05. Ryan Sill
He wasn't a bad as last week, in fact, he sounded a lot better than half of the contestants this week, but what made these coaches think that Ryan's a rock artist? SERIOUSLY? He takes baby face to a new level it almost screams boy band. Vocally, this was fine, but he's too vanilla to pull this song off. If he's a rock artist, then so am I! Ha. 5.5

04. DaNica Shirey
I Have Nothing
I hate overdone songs as much as the next person, but compared to the atrocity that I've seen this week, her performance was relatively solid. It wasn't anything exciting - or special for that matter - but her vocal control was quite impressive, her pitch was mostly on point, and her vocals were consistent. On a normal situation, I'd probably hate on this, but there's nothing else to like, so there. Haha. 6

03. Taylor John Williams
Come Together
Taylor has always been a tricky one for me. No, it's wasn't perfect, but I kind of liked what he did with the song. His take on the overdone Come Together was surprisingly fresh, there's personality to his delivery, and he's pretty compelling to watch. 6.5

02. Craig Wayne Boyd
I Walk The Line
Polished. Heartfelt. Original. I'm still not sure if I liked his arrangement of the song - as it was pretty much unrecognizable, but his delivery was just spot on. He didn't do too much, but he was oozing with stage presence. Solid. 8

01. Chris Jamison
Uptown Funk
I finally understand Chris' appeal now. Haha. Who would've thought? I seriously didn't think he'd be able to top my list again after last week's fantastic version of Jealous, but Chris delivered, yet again, another terrific number. True, this wasn't vocally flawless, but this was hands down the most riveting and entertaining performance tonight. He managed to keep up with the groove, he brought a lot of energy and presence to it, and his vocals didn't falter. Good job. 8.5

 Ryan Sill
Reagan James


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