Saturday, August 8, 2015

Movie Review: Fantastic Four

There was nothing remotely fantastic about this reboot. Sure, the first ten minutes of backstory was relatively watchable as things didn't feel forced, but Fantastic Four got progressively worse after that. I was hoping for, at least, an engaging and immersive plot and story, but there was none of it here. It was lifeless and dull with so little charm to it. The screenplay was dreadful - the idea to skip a whole year after getting their powers was a huge mistake! - there was no build up or pay off, and a lot of things just didn't make sense. If Doctor Doom could kill people thru telepathy, why didn't he just use it to beat the foursome? What were his motives to destroy earth? Where did he get his fabulous shawl?  Was there a redeeming quality to the entire movie? It was almost a non-brainer that the visuals would somehow salvage the film from being an absolute garbage, but even the effects were lazy and underwhelming. Doctor Doom's character design, in particular, looked terrible. Oh, and the cast had no chemistry whatsoever. I was really trying hard to enjoy Fantastic Four, but this was incredibly flat that I'd rather watch Jessica Alba and her bad acting again. If not for Mortdecai and, to some extent, Minions, this would've been the worst movie I've seen this year. 3


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