Thursday, August 27, 2015

The Voice Australia 4: Top 6

Yay Australia! This was seriously a strong Final 6 and there's a good amount of diversity in the remaining finalists. I'm very impressed. But of course, they were further whittled down to the Top 4, which will fight next week for the win, and even that, I'm not in any way disappointed. I got a little confused with the format, but I digress. Oh, and yes, the song choices were, for the most part, pretty stellar. Good job, coaches!

On with the show!


4. Simi Vuata
I Feel Good
Good riddance, Simi! What an awful song choice. 5

3. Caleb Jago-Ward
Big Love
While I appreciated the change of pace for Caleb, parts of this performance didn't work. The first half seemed awkward and forced, but when things picked up as soon as he dropped his guitar, it was too late to gather more steam. Plus, he hit a couple of rough notes towards the end. Missed opportunity as he could seriously rival Naomi on the final spot. 6.5

2. Naomi Price
The Winner Takes It All
Can't deny the fact that Naomi can absolutely sing. Her diction was flawless and she hit those notes impeccably well. I'm baffled though with the song choice as this made her seem too dated. I had high hopes after last week's Marry The Night, but this was a bit underwhelming and strangely predictable. 7

1. Nathan Hawes
Higher Love
His version of Higher Love was really pretty and a HUGE improvement from the mess that was last week. His vocals were a lot more consistent and his signature subtle delivery and vulnerability was perfect fit to the arrangement. 8

Simi Vuata
Caleb Jago-Ward



6. Lyndall Wennekes
Hold My Hand
Vocally, this was actually good. Her lower register was shockingly stronger than I expected and while high notes sounded a little shouty in parts, Lyndall's version of the song was still pretty solid. There was restraint, power, and subtlety all rolled into the performance. 8

5. Liam Maihi
Never Tear Us Apart
Not going to lie, I've never been a big fan of most of Liam's work, but this was easily one of his best performances since the first live show. The texture of his voice was a perfect fit for the song, his voice soared when needed, and he seemed to embody the words of the song. 8

4. Nathan Hawes
Fire And The Flood
Just when I was about to whine with Nathan's inability to go outside to box in terms of tempo, he delivered an interestingly midtempo track and pulled it off quite nicely. His vocals still sounded like butter and his charisma was overwhelming with this performance. 8

3. Joe Moore
Last Request
Lovely. Just lovely. The unique tone of his voice was front and center here, the vocal dynamics was just about right, and the connection was palpable. Possibly the most consistent and reliable competitor this year. 8.5

2. Naomi Price
A House Is Not A Home
I would've been very critical with the song choice, but Naomi just proved how vocally superior she is with this performance. This was outstanding. The clarity to her voice was sublime, she sang it straight without those unnecessary runs, there's a quiet confidence to her delivery, and how she connected to the material was on point. Wow. 9

1. Ellie Drennan
I Kissed A Girl
It took a while before I got the arrangement of the song, but Ellie just brought a different vibe to this Katy Perry hit. The quality of her voice was distinct, her vocal transitions were fantastic, and that final run was superb. Fan-freakin'-tastic! Where did that come from? 9

Naomi Price
Lyndall Wennekes


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