Friday, August 21, 2015

The Voice Australia 4: Top 8

Other than the early ouster of Scott Newnham, Australia has been pretty flawless with their eliminations and the coaches were also quite good with their choices. I didn't necessarily agree on everything, but this is a pretty stellar group - definitely a lot stronger than the latest edition of The Voice UK

Without further ado, on with the show!


02. Nathan Hawes
This was, hands down, Nathan's weakest performance to date. He looked uncomfortable, he missed a couple of cues, his timing was off, and his vocals were all over the place. Was it the band? I'm not sure, but this clearly highlighted his weakness as a vocalist. 5.5

01. Joe Moore
Everybody Hurts
While I wouldn't pick this song choice for Joe, he managed to showcase a masterful work on his dynamics. His transitions were nice, his vocals were on point, and his palpable connection to the material was pretty compelling. 8

Joe Moore



02. Liam Maihi
Lonely Boy
Not going to lie, I hated this arrangement of Lonely Boy. I don't know. He stripped off the irony of the melody to the lyrics and made a pretty sluggish version of the song. Sure, his voice sounded nice with a couple of interesting grit in the mix, but at the end, I just didn't get it. 6 

01. Naomi Price
Marry The Night
She, arguably, has the best voice in the competition thus far and her version of Marry The Night was just pristine. No, it wasn't the most exciting, but the clarity alone of her voice made things a bit riveting and the runs she made as her voice soared higher towards the end sounded divine. 8

Liam Maihi



02. Lyndall Wennekes
Nobody Love
There was nothing wrong with Lyndall's take on Nobody Love. In fact, I thought she sounded awesome, some of her vocal choices were good, and she hit that difficult high note like a pro. I just couldn't shake that feeling that she was, yet again, mimicking the artist she's covering. She looked like a legitimate popstar though. 7.5

01. Caleb Jago-Ward
I Believe In A Thing Called Love
He hit a couple of wonky notes in the middle section of the song, but the arrangement of the song really worked with the theatricality of his voice. His falsetto, though not perfect, was solid enough, his verses were strong, and things just felt right. 7.5

Lyndall Wennekes



02. Simi Vuata
We Don't Have To Take Our Clothes Off
Technically, this was spotless. I was just bored with this performance as if I saw this already from him. 6.5

01. Ellie Drennan
California Dreamin'
Ellie's tone here was, as usual, magnetic, but she also proved that she can actually belt and hold her own against Simi in terms of holding notes. This was pretty good. The intensity was there, the build up was good, and her pitch was consistent. 8

Ellie Drennan


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