Sunday, August 2, 2015

Movie Review: Mission: Impossible - Rogue Nation

While Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol was, by all measures, an astounding piece of entertainment, Mission: Impossible - Rogue Nation was equally riveting and awesome. I thought the story was gripping, the direction was confident, and the editing was so masterful that it ensured the story to flow well and didn't seem choppy or overwhelming. The cast was also pretty stellar. Simon Pegg's comedy hit the spot and never felt out of place, Rebecca Ferguson was fantastic, and I have to hand it to Tom Cruise; that man is 53 and he may have just carried one of the best films of the franchise to date. The action sequences were also beautifully choreographed and stunningly shot. The motorcycle chase scene in Morocco, in particular, was gorgeous. Yes, nothing in this film rivaled the best sequence in the entire Mission: Impossible franchise - that entire Burj Khalifa scene from Ghost Protocol - but I didn't really mind as this was still an all around solid movie. Mission Impossible - Rogue Nation reinforced the freshness of the series as this delivered a thrilling and slick blockbuster that has enough substance to match the style. To say that this was exhilarating was an understatement. Do yourself a favor and see this on the big screen. 9


karryzoe said...

Excellent Better than Ghost Protocol with amazing Visual Effects and Tom Cruise hanging from a Plane And containing Breathe for 6 minutes in an underwater scene and moving is like Whaaat?
I'm Gonna Give Mission: Impossible Rogue Nation an A+

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