Sunday, August 9, 2015

The Voice Australia 4: Top 16

This year, I would say that the talent is immense compared to past seasons and there's diversity in this group. It would be a shame though if this season's format will just be the same as before since some groups have really strong artists. What I also liked about this year's show is the brilliant choice of songs and arrangement - with a few exceptions, of course.

Hope this season will be worth the time and effort to blog. I'm looking forward to how things will pan out.


04. Tameka Powell
Sin Wagon
A country song? To be fair, her whiny tone fit the song like a glove and her rhythm and timing was quite impressive given the timing of the song without losing her pitch. It wasn't great, but decent enough. 5

03. Peta Evans-Taylor
Bring Me Some Water
This was really strong. There's a fierceness and confidence in her delivery that's impressive, her vocals were fantastic, and her pitch was on point. This was an all around great performance. 8.5

02. Joe Moore
The Blower's Daughter
It started breathy and choppy, but as the song progressed, his voice opened up and soared. Yes, his pitch wasn't flawless, but there's a vulnerability to his voice that gave the performance some much needed depth. 8.5

01. Nathan Hawes
Shake It Off
Absolutely mesmerizing. At first, the arrangement felt too languid, but it went on to become a very lovely version of Taylor Swift's hit. The middle section was particularly awesome. 8.5

Joe Moore



04. Lyndall Wennekes
Her vocals were fine, but it came off like an underwhelming karaoke version trying to sound like Christina Aguilera. There was no variation from the original in terms of vocals choices and melody. 5

03. Rik-E-Ragga
One More Night
It was fun and energetic, but he sounded monotonous for the most part. No dynamics whatsoever in his vocals and that made for a very decent, but forgettable performance. 6

02. Caleb Jago-Ward
Start Again
This was a bit melodramatic for my taste, but I can't deny the fact that he sounded really good. He missed a few notes here and there, but there was some strong vocals throughout. 7

01. Nicolas Duquenim
I'm not usually a fan of this kind of tone, but the uniqueness of his voice worked perfectly well with the song choice. It was a smart move and he managed to showcase range and some interesting vocal inflections. 7

Caleb Jago-Ward



04. Cath Adams
The only interesting thing about this performance was the almost acapella moments at the beginning of the song. Other than that, this was a karaoke mess for Cath. 5

03. Simi Vuata
This Woman's Work
Impressive falsetto work, but I was hoping he'd have a better sense of when to transition his voice. The whole performance, while vocally good, sounded disjointed. 6.5

02. Amber Nichols
How she delicately wrapped her voice with those words were astounding during the verses. She had problems with her pitch towards the end, which was unfortunate, but it was still pretty good. 7.5

01. Ellie Drennan
For a stylized song like Team, I feared that she wouldn't have enough space to put her own liberties to the song, but she was clever enough to put some intersting melodic choices throughout the performance. Her voice sounded divine with no hint of bad notes and she was glowing. Good stuff. 8.5

Ellie Drennan



04. Gail Page
You Don't Own Me
This was too old school for my taste. Yes, her vocals were solid, but this was 20 years late. Sorry. 4

03. Scott Newnham
Cry Me A River
Vocally, this was pretty good especially given the song choice - his transitions for the most part sounded seamless - and he seemed trying his best with the material, but there was something about the performance that was lacking. I don't know. The swagger maybe? 7.5

02. Naomi Price
Don't Cry For Me Argentina
I cringed at the song choice at first, but Naomi killed it. There's a clarity to her voice and diction that's oustanding and her range and grasp on pitch was unreal. Very good. 8.5

01.Liam Maihi
Let It Go
Understated. Subtle. Lovely. His vocal tone sounded rich and there's a hitch to his voice that gave his interpretation a some personality. Plus, the added grit somewhere towards the end was a pleasant surprise. 8.5

Naomi Price


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