Wednesday, November 11, 2015

The Voice 9: Live Playoffs #TeamGwen

Why was there so many meltdowns in this episode? #TeamAdam had a couple of terrible performances and somehow, #TeamGwen wanted to have their own. The one-two punch of Regina Love and Braiden Sunshine, for example, was a total trainwreck. I was expecting things to be the biggest massacre in The Voice US history with talented people being cut left and right, but these artists made deciding easy for the public.

Oh, and the band was the devil may it be the arrangement or for just being plain noisy and loud. Ha.

On with the show!

06. Regina Love
Yikes. Was Adele's song too hungry for it to ate Regina alive? Haha. This was so bad, it's not even funny. Too soon, Regina. 2

05. Braiden Sunshine
Everything I Own
Nice try, Braiden. I thought he started off strong, but then the drums came in and things went downhill fast. His pitch became inconsistent, the volume - or power? - of his voice erratic for some odd reason, and his connection to the song was almost non-existent. That being said, I'm afraid the casual voters ate this performance up. 5

04. Korin Bukowski
It's not that the song choice was bad, but the arrangement was terribly paced and orchestrated that it did Korin no favors. The whole thing sounded flat and it just didn't go anywhere. True, she had some lovely moments during the performance, but it was not enough to make a lasting impact. Too bad as I'm really rooting for her. 6

03. Ellie Lawrence*
Ex's & Oh's
Vocally, Ellie was a hotter mess than Korin, but what made her slightly better was her ability to command the stage. Sure, this is The Voice and in that context, it should all be about that, but it's not as if the show has ALWAYS been about crowning the person with the best vocals. She sounded hoarse, especially towards the end, but her energy was infectious and that may buy her another week. 6

02. Viktor Király
All Around The World
I groaned at the song choice at first, but I found this to be strangely impressive. I don't think they could've found a much worse song even if they tried with this and Viktor made it sound exciting and less cheesy. It was a smooth, sexy and confident performance delivering one of the more consistent vocals of the night. Oh, and he's one gorgeous lad no? 8

01. Jeffrey Austin
Say You Love Me
This wasn't a perfect vocal - he kind of lost a bit of his vocal control during the breakdown - but he sang the crap out of this song. The verses sounded lovely and the chorus was powerful without being too overbearing. I would've like a more stripped down arrangement, but I didn't really mind. 8

Jeffrey Austin
Ellie Lawrence
Viktor Király / Korin Bukowski


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