Tuesday, November 17, 2015

X Factor Australia 7: Top 4

We're at the homestretch of the season and somehow things are becoming a bit stale. Not sure if it's just fatigue from all the singing they've been doing the past couple of months, but while there were a couple of impeccable performances, I couldn't help but be slightly underwhelmed. Was I just expecting to much for the last four acts standing? That's not to take anything away from them because most of them are actually the right people for the spot. It'll be interesting who will end up winning this whole enchalada.

On with the show!


04. Big T
Marvin Gaye
I understood the humor of the performance and I thought Big T had the intended choreography and delivery in spades, but the power he infused right from the start made the number a tad monotonous. There was absolutely no dynamics and build up to the performance and it seemed like it just didn't go anywhere. 5

03. Louise Adams
Ain't No Sunshine
Something about the approach of the arrangement ended up making a beautiful simple song seem downright fussy. I appreciated the grit to her vocals and that impassioned delivery of each words, but parts of it sounded a bit overwrought. Was it just me? 6.5

02. Jess & Matt
Need You Now
I had reservations with the song choice, but this Lady Antebellum hit turned out to be a perfect vehicle for the duo. There was an intimacy to their delivery that was quite intriguing, I thought the phrasing was lovely, and Jess' tone sounded gorgeous. No, I don't think it's their best performance throughout the season, but this was enough to advance them to the finals. 7

01. Cyrus Villanueva
Despite this being a highly competent karaoke version of the song - save for the last part where he tried to insert some interesting melodic choices - I found Cyrus version of Don't pretty revealing. This proved that Cyrus could actually exist in the real world and not just in a reality singing competition. His charisma was just overwhelming and he handled the rapid fire verses of Ed Sheeran's song prety well. 7.5


04. Big T
A Whiter Shade of Pale
True, Big T's vocals were more solid than spectacular, but I can't honestly say that this time next week, I'm certain I'll remember it. It was good, but nothing special and the vocal arrangement somehow leaned too hard on him. 7

03. Cyrus Villanueva
In The Air Tonight
The final chorus somehow drowned him out a bit, but the opening two-thirds was incredibly magnetic and perfectly in tune. The verses had maximum vulnerability and tenderness and it heightened the words of the song. I found his tone a little too thin, but that's me nitpicking. 8

02. Louise Adams
Blame It On Me
Wow. To see Louise tackle something as light as this was a pleasant surprise. I thought the song choice managed to accentuate another side of her instrument with aplomb, and somehow ensured that he can handle modern music as deftly as she does with some old-school tunes. Terrific job! 8.5

01. Jess & Matt
I Was Made For Loving You
This was seriously something I wouldn't even imagine them covering, but again, they proved to be magnificent enough to deliver something as out of the box as KISS. I thought it had that wicked combination of power, intensity and delicacy backed by an outstanding arrangement and fantastic vocals. 9

Big T 


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