Monday, November 2, 2015

X Factor Australia 7: Top 6

Not going to lie, but this has to be one of the strongest Top 6 I've seen in X Factor Australia. No, I'm not a big fan of Big T or even Natalie Conway, but they are competent and reliable vocalists and they gave a couple of good performances throughout the season. The rest? They're outstanding!

At this point, I think Australia's voting has been spot on. Don't fail me, mate! Ha.

On with the show!

06. Big T
Locked Out In Heaven
As soon as he hit that first note, I knew he was in big trouble. He sounded way out of tune for a full verse and never recovered. The rest of the performance felt uncomfortable as he came off incredibly defeated. I wish he did something to salvage the performance.

05. Louise Adams
You Don't Own Me
A perfectly fine vocal with some good dynamic range, but by the time I brush my teeth, memories of this very average performance will have been wiped from my brain. 6.5

04. Natalie Conway
Toca's Miracle
She certainly hit most of her notes with some admirable grasp on pitch, showed some nifty vocal horsepower and the staging was pretty slick and riveting. My only gripe? It felt soulless. Or was that the point? 7.5

03. Mahalia Simpson
Chasing Pavements
Thank God Dannii didn't pick her song this week!! Mahalia didn't do anything particularly different from Adele's version - in terms of melody - but there was just an effortless beauty to this performance. The sweet and delicate crumble in to her voice breathe new life into the words of the song. Gorgeous. 8.5

02. Jess & Matt
Look, their voices aren't particularly mascular - there's a sense of limit to both their ranges - but I actually found the wispiness to their voices especially from Jess really pleasing to the ear. The masterful harmonies were fantastic and the way they deliver each words with great timing brought every subtle emotion to the performance. 9

01. Cyrus Villanueva
Knockin' On Heaven's Door
I love offbeat arrangements and unexpected melodic choices, and this was what Cyrus did with Knockin' On Heaven's Door. His impressive vocal dexterity was on full display here, his pitch was spot on, and the clarity to his tone was just impeccable. Plus, his voice just soared towards the end. 9

Big T
Louise Adams


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