Tuesday, November 24, 2015

The Voice 9: Top 11

Is it deliberate? For the second live show of the season, the show somehow packed the boring and terrible performances at the top of the show and the good ones at the end. Why? Save for Zach who closed the show (!!!) last week, I thought the first few minutes from both episodes were almost too embarrassing to watch.

Oh, and thank you coaches for giving good song choices this week - although Gwen and Pharrell tripped with a couple of their choies.

On with the show!

11. Zach Seabaugh
Are You Gonna Kiss Me Or Not
Let me quote the great Michael Slezak on this, "I remember when Scotty McCreery sang that on American Idol - except it was actually in tune." Enough said. 3

10. Barrett Baber
Delta Dawn
I seriously had high hope for Barrett, but he kept on delivering mediocre performances for the past couple of weeks. This was a lot interesting than last week's Right Here Waiting, but it wasn't something people will remember a couple of performances after. 5

09. Braiden Sunshine
Ugh. Gwen! What's up with these song choices? Vocally, Braiden didn't sound half as bad as I expected - in fact, that one long note at the end was quite solid - but just like last week, it was an annoyingly throwaway performance. 5

08. Evan McKeel
Decent vocals. Unforgettable performance. Next. 5

07. Korin Bukowski
Only Hope
She sounded lovely during the first half providing so much restraint and control with her vocals. Then, the song picked up and she lost it. Not sure if it was the song, the arrangement, or just the simple fact that she doesn't have enough power and range to pull off the song. 6.5

06. Shelby Brown
You And I
On paper, this was a fabulous song choice for Shelby. It was a perfect match to her soulful tone with a mix of country inflections and her impressive range. She did hit a couple of bad notes towards the end and her verses felt a bit tentative, but for the most part, this was good enough. 7

05. Jordan Smith
Who You Are
There's something about Jordan's voice that's not doing it for me. Yes, his vocals are almost always on top form - although his upper register here was a tad problematic - but the lack of real emotions pulled me out of this performance. I don't know. It just didn't feel real other than showboating. 7

04. Madi Davis
Love Is Blindness
The intricacies in Madi's way of interpreting songs are a breath of fresh air, but something tells me that she'll eventually have a hard time connecting and relating to the people watching the show. She's outrageously talented, but I don't think America gets it especially with this arrangement. I hope I'm wrong though. 7.5

03. Jeffery Austin
Dancing On My Own
No, Jeffery's rendition of Robyn's Dancing On My Own wasn't as outstanding as Calum Scott's, but on the context of this show, this was actually quite good. His vocals were stellar if a bit choppy, there's an authentic emotions to her delivery, and that texture to his voice added depth to the whole number. 8

02. Emily Ann Roberts
Why Not Me
I don't usually enjoy songs that are downright bluegrass, but Emily somehow sold it to me quite well. Her voice was spot on and her delivery had that personality to go with the tempo and arrangement of the song. If she keeps this up, she might be the one bringing Blake to the Finale. 8

01. Amy Vachal
Blank Space
It took me a while to take in Amy's version of this Taylor Swift hit. I mean, the verses sounded too soft with no oomph to her delivery, which arguably lost the character of the song. Then, the song went on and I totally understood the humor of her version. It was an almost whimsical instead of demented take of the song. Pretty interesting. 8.5

Zach Seabaugh

Korin Bukowski


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