Sunday, November 22, 2015

X Factor UK 12: Top 7

Given the song choices this week and the apparent theme of "Love & Heartbreaks", I knew that I was in for an awesome show. The show ended and I was left feeling nothing. Haha. Have I been watching too much reality singing competitions lately that I'm becoming irritatingly overcritical? Don't get me wrong. I saw a couple of good to awesome performances tonight, but only one of them truly made an impression. Hoping for the best next week?

On with the show!

07. Anton Stephans
One Sweet Day
Why is he still here? This should've been a lovely cover, but that look in his eyes during the performance made me feel more terrified than loved. Seriously. 3

06. Mason Noise
I like me some Mason Noise, but something about this performance left me cold. There was a lot of (intentional?) reverb going on with his vocals, his falsetto wasn't as solid as I expected, and the choreography was a little underwhelming. In past weeks, the sass and production separated him from the rest, and with that a tad muted this week, it's a bit unfortunate. 5

05. Reggie 'N' Bollie
Dangerous Love / Shut Up and Dance
I'm pretty sure the novelty that is Reggie 'N' Bollie will soon catch up on the show, but for now, they're providing that much needed crazy entertainment to the whole series. Without them - and maybe Anton and Mason - this would've been a snooze of a season. But while this was, yet again, another energetic and fun number from the duo, it didn't do anything to establish their position as a serious contender of the show. 6.5

04. Chè Chesterman
Vocally, Chè's version of Yesterday was sublime. His pitch was consistent, the runs were precise, and he delivered it with so much passion. My biggest problem? I hated the arrangement. I appreciated the fact that he didn't resort to another paint-by-the-numbers cover of this overdone song, but the changes made shouldn't, at the very least, mess with the actual melody of the song. The arrangement took on an almost different structure that I barely recognized the classic song. 7

03. 4th Impact
Ain't No Other Man
I don't know what it was with this performance that it somehow fell a little short of what they did last week. No, it wasn't terrible - in fact, the choreography this time was a lot tighter and the full on sass was quite admirable - but it left me cold instead of excited despite the almost flawless vocals. Was it their distracting adlibs of "yeah" "ooh" and "ahh" in every end of their lines? Was it the fact that I felt like I've seen this before from them? Was it because they're becoming annoyingly predictable? At this point, the group is still pretty much untouchable, but they need to do something about the variety of their performances or they will end up short of the Finale. 7.5

02. Lauren Murray
We Belong Together
While she's no Mariah - granted even Mariah is no Mariah at this point. Haha - Lauren's take on We Belong Together was quite stellar. Yes, her rendition was nothing more than a straight up cover of the original, but those little liberties she took with the melody, that key change towards the end, and her clarity to her tone with the song were enough to put her just below the chosen one. Good job. 8

01. Louisa Johnson
Let It Go
Superb. How she made Let It Go a song bigger than it actually was was really impressive. Was the last half overindulgent? Sure, but it was also packed with raw and intoxicating feeling that made the vocal acrobatics seem authentic, rather than contrived. The way she navigated her way into the quiet moments of the song and then bursts with enough power towards the end was downright masterful. 9

Mason Noise
*This was completely brutal. Can't they wait until tomorrow?

Anton Stephans
Reggie 'N' Bollie


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